Some hairstyles and makeup techniques are best left to the best hairdressers in Sydney at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup BUT there are PLENTY of things you can do at home. Empowered with the right advice and the right tools and techniques, we’ll have you creating some sexy looks for yourself at home.

How to make hair colour last

One of the fun things in life is to dye or colour your hair. Sure, you love what nature gave you – and whatever your Mum and Dad’s genes put on top of your head is absolutely beautiful (because it’s YOU). But YOLO! (you only live once). You need a change. You may have some greys. Or you just want a colourful adventure. No matter the reason, any day is a great day to colour your hair. But let’s face it: you don’t want to be dying your hair every single day either. So make a bold and wise choice, and then learn how to make your hair colour last longer.

How long does hair colour last? It depends how determined you are! Here’s how to make hair colour last for as long as absolutely possible:

1. Turn down the temp

If your dear old Mum taught you that showers or baths that are too hot will dry out your skin, then trust us: boiling hot water definitely isn’t the answer to how to make hair dye last longer.

Actually, the right temperature for rubbing in that shampoo is room temperature – and you should make it even cooler for the conditioner! Without getting too technical, the heat opens up the cuticles, which lets out not only the moisture but that all-important colour.

2. Go cold for rinsing

And once you’ve gone warm for washing, turn hot off all the way for the ideal rinse. Ok, it might not be overly pleasant in the winter, but cold water will seal the cuticle shut – and in turn lock in the colour. Then, use a towel to dry it. It’s a simple answer to how to keep hair colour from washing out prematurely.

3. Swim smart

You may have coloured your hair so you look great on the beach and at the pool, but sun and chlorine aren’t best friends to long-lasting hair colour. So embrace a new best friend instead – in the form of a hair protector with built-in SPF protection.  Distribute a generous amount of the Solar Sealing Cream onto the hair before and during sun bathing. Re-apply regularly after swimming. Can be used as a leave-in styling cream to tame unruly and frizzy hair. When it comes to considering how to keep hair colour from fading with exposure to the elements, it’s simple and very effective.

4. Put away the blow dryer

As we said in #2, use a normal towel to dry your coloured hair – especially in the first week or so after getting it done. And keeping that blows drier in the bathroom cupboard too will also make hair dye last longer.

Those hair tools that use heat – including straighteners – will only speed up the hair fading process. Ok, you may love your hair appliances, but hold out as long as you can. If you can’t resist, think about using a thermal protectant.

5. Wash your hair … later and use colour safe products

How to keep colour in hair? Use colour safe professional hair care recommended by your stylist for your particular hair type.  Another way that may be a little hard for you to implement is to stay away from the shampoo altogether for as long as you can. Definitely hold out for a day or two at least, until that colour is really locked into the hair. And once you do give in, try to use a gentle shampoo, like the colour safe products in our online store.

6. Use a shower filter

I bet you didn’t know that ‘hard’ water really is hard?! And I bet you didn’t realise that an answer to how to preserve hair colour is to make it ‘soft’?

It may all be H2O, but when it comes straight out of your tap, water is actually full of all sorts of chemicals and minerals, including chlorine (which really isn’t good for your hair colour and why our salon basins are fitted with purifying eco-heads). Hard water strips away your hair’s natural oils AND that expensive hair dye, so think about getting a shower filter installed.

7. Prepare your hair – what condition is your hair in now?

How do you prepare for your hair to be dyed? Save up for a week or two? How about investing some time to talk to your stylist about the current condition of your hair and being really open to hear their professional opinion?

If you’ve been blonde or had highlights, for instance, your hair might be really porous – understanding the porosity of your hair is the first step in making hair colour last longer.  Hair porosity refers to your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture (and ultimately colour). If your hair is porous it is highly likely that some colours will not hold in your hair.  Even if you’ve never had colour before, curly hair, for instance, can be highly porous.

What to do?

Definitely check in with your stylist on the best course of treatment to prepare for your desired hair colour.  There are some really great in-salon treatments like keratin smoothing treatments or molecular hair re-filling that can work wonders in the lead up to your hair colour appointment.

8. Avoid deep conditioning treatments or hair masks for the first 72 hours after colour

We know we told you to use a deep conditioner to prepare for your hair colour. But you should avoid hair masks for about 72 hours AFTER your hair colour service has been completed because technology is so effective, the moisturising molecules that will penetrate deep into the hair cuticle will literally PUSH the colour molecules out. So some of those beautiful rose gold and ash blonde colour molecules will literally forced out and say bye-bye once you rinse the mask out.

Think we’ve missed a trick for how to keep colour in your hair? We’d love to hear your own tips for how to make hair colouring masterpieces last longer, so don’t be shy and pop into the comments below.

Ready to look and feel fab with a fab new hair colour? Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup are one of the best hair colourists in Sydney – because great highlights, foils, tints, semi-permanent colours, and balayage are not just skilled hairdressing, it’s an absolute art form requiring the best quality products. Get in touch today!


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braids for long hair

Try your hand with these easy braided hairstyles

Our braided hair collection arrives just in time for sunset drinks, summer parties and dance events.  It’s the perfect way to sport a fashionable updo without looking “overdone”, to be cool and stay cool!


Braiding is an ancient hair styling technique that goes back to over 3000BC. The most famous woman sporting braids from back then was Cleopatra.

Braids have appeared on men and women throughout history, indicating everything from functional hair to glamorous hair, your social status, cultural heritage, marital status and even religious associations.

dutch braids
braids for long hair for women


Today anything goes with hairstyles and while braids took a back seat in the fashion stakes for a while, the two things to know about braids is: braids are cool and braids are back!

After making a big resurgence on the catwalks around 2010, each year designers such as Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Alexander McQueen feature braids as part of their catwalk look and women can’t get enough of them.


Dutch braids plaits that are created by adding in strands while you braid, but instead of crossing the new hair over the top as you normally would when plaiting hair, you’re passing it from side to side underneath. What you end up with is a braid that looks like it’s sitting on the top of your hair.

The most famous “braidy bunch” lover is Kim Kardashian – pre and post birth she has been sporting not 1 Dutch Braid but 4! The secret to Kim’s plump braids is to add synthetic loose hair extensions to add volume.

Her stylist also uses a product called Color Wow Root Concealer to cover up any roots that show through and to fill in any partings that may look a little bit too loose.

Crème style products such as this can be a pain to wash out so we recommend Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray.  This little beauty God-send instantly cover grays and roots. The spray feels like a dry shampoo – and the product description says it absorbs dirt and oil to refresh hair.  It comes in 6 shades and the pigments blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

The secret to a great braid is having beautiful hair to start with: your colour is fresh, your hair is healthy and your haircut hasn’t got lots of layers cut into it. There are loads of tutorials online if you want to DIY, but why? Just come in with your favourite braid pic and we’ll create it for you.

Creative direction: Graeme Cumming for Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

Makeup: Natasha Newman, Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

Photography: John Buckley,, represented by Sync Production

asian hair

Asian HairAsian Hair is unique and with the right hairdresser it can hold amazing shape! The biggest misconception about Asian hair is that you need an Asian hairdresser, however you just need a great hairdresser.  About 35% of our clients have Asian hair.

Asian hair is just like any hair type that we look after – it requires understanding of the client, how they live their life and what they want from a hairstyle.  The rest is talent and experience.

Read on to find out some great advice on which haircuts suit, and what works best when styling, Asian hair from Lily Jackson’s Sydney Hairdressers.

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It is important that you consult an experienced hairdresser to help you work out how you can adapt a style and colour to suit your look, lifestyle and budget.

Working with your natural beauty (see the tips below in our infographic) a well-trained hairdresser will be able to personalise an on-trend hairstyle that you might have thought was out of reach.

Need some proof? This article shows how celebrities are mixing up their hairstyles all the time and do not confine themselves to one look.

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Debunking the hairstyle myths around what we should and shouldn’t do.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with messages of should and should not’s:

  • ‘what clothes you shouldn’t wear’
  • ‘what style is appropriate for your age and body shape’ AND
  • ‘your face shape doesn’t really suit that hairstyle’.

We’re going to debunk those blogs and articles about who suits what, and show you what you really need is a great hairdresser who can translate hairstyles and hair cuts into shapes that suit you.

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perfect blunt fringe

blonde fringeA fringe is a great way to create interest in a haircut. Can a fringe look bad? Our stylists answer without a second thought – YES! Fringes can look boring, lank and unflattering but a quick, easy but great blowdry will solve that. Read more

Style Icon Liv Tyler

Liv TylerWe love how Liv Tyler stands on her own merits as an actress and exudes her own sense of fashion and style. She seems seperate from the pressures and monotonous trends of the “celebrity-machine” and has an absence of fear in the way she pieces together her looks….

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kelisLet’s explore some of the amazing hair, make up and body painting creations that the R&B turned Dance artist Kelis has brought to life in her music videos, on the red carpet, in her everyday life and for her album covers as well as editorial shoots. We love Kelis as she is not afraid to try something different and she allows the hair, make up and body painting artists imaginations to run wild!


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This hairstyle receives mixed reactions; some people love it and others think it makes your head look like a mushroom or pudding bowl! I am of the former group, seeing this hairstyle as chic, stylish and sleek. It was a great statement hairstyle when it was first created in the 70’s, and modern takes on the style keep it current and wearable. Lets take a look at the Purdey’s origins… Read more