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Red Hair Colour Banner

If you put 100 random people off the street into a single room, how many of them do you think have a naturally red hair colour? Twenty five? Ten? Five? Not even close.

Actually, only 1 to 2 percent of the population has naturally red hair, caused by a mutation in the MC1R gene that produces the coolest pigment in the world – pheomelanin.

The result? As stunning as it is stunningly rare. But that rareness doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of shades of red hair atop heads everywhere you look. So what’s the deal?

Well, it wasn’t too long ago that people with red or ginger hair colour might have been very tempted to colour it the more ‘standard’ brown or blonde in order to fit in.

But although there is plenty of colour competition these days, the many different shades of red hair continued to be among the most popular choices into 2020. That was also true at Lily Jackson, where our trend-conscious customers kept strolling into Sydney’s best women’s hairdresser to let our red hair colourists work their magic!

So when it comes to the most stunningly beautiful types of red hair, want to know what inspired Lily Jackson’s hair colourists? Answer: The celebrities who rock that red hair colour the best.

We’ve featured ash blonde, grey hair and rose gold hair among others. Now it’s time for red hair colour ideas to take centre stage! Here are our favourite red-heads of 2019:

1. Amy Adams

The double Golden Globe winner’s soft, copper hair colour is the perfect complement for her porcelain-like skin.

Amy Addams Red Hair Colour

2. Isla Fisher

Borat may love Pamela Anderson’s blonde locks the best, but in real life, he is married to the stunning Isla Fisher – whose naturally red hair colour looks stunning in a subtle ombre style.

Red Hair Colour - Isla Fisher

3. Debra Messing

Is there anyone who can rock a bright auburn hair colour with more style than the star of Will & Grace? Believe it or not, her original dark red hair colour was actually a colour stylist’s mistake, but we absolutely love it!

Red Hair Colour of Debra Messing

4. Rumer Willis

Perhaps you recognise her better with a dark or perhaps burgundy hair colour, but Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter tried on an almost orange-red hair colour with her short style in 2019. It was the perfect demonstration that all types of red hair can really work if executed well.

Rumer Willis

5. Emma Stone

There’s only one thing brighter and bubblier than the beautiful Emma Stone – and that’s her bright, bubbly and ginger hair colour. It’s hard to believe that she was born blonde, but many shades of red hair work better than you could imagine on people with fair skin.

Emma Stone with red hair

6. Anna Kendrick

Unlike the fair Emma Stone, Anna has a warm medium skin tone that looks the best with a dark red hair colour.

Anna Kendrick

Did we miss your favourite celebrity who gave the various red hair shades the coolest reputation in 2019? Honourable mentions go to Julianne Moore’s neutral auburn hair colour, Julia Roberts’ red balayage highlights, and the way Christina Hendricks is always mixing it up to keep her red hair colours eternally fresh.

The skilful and experienced hair colourists at Lily Jackson create the most beautiful looks every single day, matched perfectly to your features, personality and lifestyle. So no matter which shades of red hair have caught your eye, give Sydney’s best hairdressers a call for advice or make a booking today.

hairstyles for round faces Banner

Just like people, personalities and pasta, things come in all different shapes and sizes – and that goes for faces, too. And let’s not beat around the bush: if you have a rounder face, it can be difficult to choose from the apparently limited hairstyles for round faces that really work.

Not sure you have a round face?

If you’ve always found it hard to find a haircut that brings out your best, and as a result, you’ve always stuck with the same cut, there’s a good chance you have a round face.

  • Are your cheeks, jaw and forehead all in the same line?
  • Is your face about the same length as it is wide?
  • Does your face lack sharp angles?

Welcome to your round face! But don’t despair: some of the most beautiful women on earth are in exactly the same boat. Drew Barrymore, Isla Fisher, Cameron Diaz, Emma Stone, Miranda Kerr, Michelle Williams … and the list of stunners goes on and on. All of them have looked absolutely stunning with a range of haircuts, styles, lengths and colours – the key is finding a stylist who knows exactly which round face hairstyles will work best for you.

Work with what you’ve got to create the best haircut for round face ladies

Before we get into which haircuts for round faces work the best, let’s give you all a boost: no face-shape is ever perfect. We can’t all have that perfect oval or diamond-shaped face – women with overly square, long or heart-shaped faces struggle to find the right style too.

But if you do have a notably round face and you’ve always struggled with your hair, here are some basic tips for your next session in front of the mirror:

1. Middle part

A middle part will tend to slim down your face.

2. Messy

If you add some messy volume to your look, for instance by putting up a messy bun or ponytail, you’ll draw attention away from the roundness.

3. Fringe

No matter the fringe, the focus of the world will be on your eyes and mouth, with the added bonus that a fringe slims your face down.

4. Layers

Among the best of the long hairstyles for round faces involve layers, whether they’re curly or straight. Wispier layers will further lengthen your face and neck.

5. Bob

For the ultimate bob hairstyle for round face women, make it a big longer than usual and style it messy.

6. Volume

If you pile your hairstyle up high, you’ll lengthen your face. To further this sleek look, grow your hair to and beyond your shoulders.

Where are all the round-faced celebrities?

But to really demonstrate just how beautiful your round face can be, let’s go through some of our favourite celebrities who have absolutely aced their round face haircuts.

1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Blessed with beauty, Natalie also has a round face – but it hasn’t held her back. After Star Wars, her long bob looked great and she followed it up with a little more length and some curl. Natalie has also narrowed in her round face with long curly fringe styled to the side, tried on a short and choppy fringe, and even shaved it all off for V for Vendetta. She’s the absolute queen of short hairstyles for round faces!

We don’t recommend you round-faced gals try the latter buzzed look, but Nathalie’s pixie cut as it was growing out is one of our absolute favourites. If you have a round face and love the pixie look, make sure you put some volume on the top to make your face appear more oval-shaped


2. Adele

Adele has lost quite a bit of weight, which opens up more options for a person with an already naturally rounder face. But throughout her career, this stunning singer has always matched her face with the best hairstyles for round face women.

At the 2017 Grammys, Adele had long, curly fringe to take the focus from her cheeks to a high hairline. At Glastonbury a year earlier, Adele’s hair was straight, shoulder-length and with a middle part – one of the very best round face hairstyles. But we absolutely love when Adele is Rolling In The Deep with a messy bun – especially when she wears it high with plenty of volume.

3. Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci

With her intense look and her skill for playing dark, unconventional characters, Christina Ricci always looks her best with her beautiful, rounder face. She is known for easing that roundness with very angular hairstyles, often including a very long and thick fringe to change that round shape. Sideswept fringe and a side-parted, medium-length bob is also a great haircut for round face ladies that Christina has aced.

4. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly’s hairstyles are outlandish but great hair colours usually work in perfect harmony with her round face. Shaved sides, crazy colours and hair piled up on the top almost completely delete any impression that her face is very round, but she has achieved the same goal with many more of the other best hairstyles for round face women. Extremely long, one-sided fringe, spiky styles, quirky and asymmetrical looks, and even an Emo cut that obscures one of her eyes. Kelly is the master of exploring the best modern short haircuts for round faces, and for that, we really love her.

A few more tips to finish

So if you have a rounder face, don’t despair! There are still a million and one different cuts and styles out there that means hairstyles for round face women are never in short supply.

So let’s finish with a few final tips to ensure that there are always so many hairstyles for round faces that look really, really stunning.

1. Two colours

If you want to experiment with colour, pick a shade that is a little lighter than yours and then ask your stylist to keep the hair that is closest to your face a little darker than natural.

2. Accessorise

Give extra definition to your round face with long, dangly earrings, and wear a short chain around your neck.

3. Makeup

Use makeup to really accentuate your cheeks, and pick a dark lipstick and playful eye-shadow.

4. Glasses

If you wear glasses, go for angular, exciting and squarer frames, and skip the smaller frames.

Still struggling to find the perfect round face hairstyles? The happy and talented team at Lily Jackson Hairdressing can help! Whether it’s a cut, a style, a colour or a makeup session that you need, our talented Sydney hairdressers are absolutely passionate about helping you get the beautiful look that you want and deserve – no matter what shape your face is!

Pixie Cut Banner

Have you ever gone full pixie? No, we’re not talking about a little person with pointed ears in a children’s story. We’re talking about the famous pixie cut, and the fact that it’s a modern trend that it seems will never again go out of fashion.

Rihanna and Anne Hathaway have aced the pixie cut look, and even Michelle Obama has tried the super-practical but equally super-sexy short look on for size. And here at Lily Jackson Hairdressing, our Sydney hairstylists would absolutely love to give you a pixie haircut today!

Layered, short pixie hair suits every face, it’s easy to wash, style and dry, and you’ll never again be terrified of a windy day. But best of all, there are so many pixie cut styles to choose from once you decide to take the big leap and say goodbye to your familiar longer hair – and a pixie even looks great in grey.

So let’s let your favourite pixie cut celebrities do the modelling as we show off our favourite pixie hairstyles of 2019:

1. Katy Perry

Katie Perry Pixie Cut

Do you know what the hot trend in 2019 pixie cuts is? It’s the super-short pixie cut – and our gold medal winner is none other than Katy Perry.

She first went pixie when she told us all about Swish Bish in 2017, but our favourite of the short pixie cuts is still Katy’s punk version. Today, it’s longer at the top meaning she can play around with styling.

2. Kristen Stewart

Pixie Cut of Kirsten Stewart

Image Source: Cheat Sheet

When still a little girl in the movie Panic Room, Kristen had a stylish bob. Now 29, she’s all grown up – with her extremely edgy and even more extremely short pixie cut. Some might even call it little more than a buzz cut, but it’s still long enough to slick back or go all spiky.

3. Michelle Williams

michelle williams

We know that the Dawson’s Creek star loves to wear her hair short. But we really love the elegant pixie cut she is wearing in 2019. Straight, bleached and with swished-over bangs, it may be beautiful and classy and perfect for accentuating her stunning cheekbones, but it’s still very low maintenance.

4. Kendall Jenner

Pixie Cut of Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner joined the pixie club? Really?! Sort of. Perhaps inspired by her Mum Kris, Kendall actually modelled an amazing FAKE pixie hair cut for Tom Ford’s Spring Collection. Hairstylist Orlando Pita did the faux pixie masterpiece and Kendall totally pulled it off.

5. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

Her magnificent eyebrows may stand out the most, but that was until we saw her latest silvery-pink pixie cut! With a stylish short cut, you can really have some fun with hair colour – and then easily try something else next week! It’s a great idea that is much more difficult without a cool pixie!

6. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose

If you’ve been keeping track of this Aussie beauty, you’ll know she absolutely epitomises the pixie cut. She’s had just about every colour, style and length in the fabulous pixie hairstyles catalogue – so how can we pick our favourite? We’re going out on a pixie limb by choosing this one because why choose between blonde or brunette for your pixie cut when you can have both?

The final word: Go pixie in 2019!

Nothing says modern, bold, sexy confidence than a pixie cut in 2019. Forget the ordinary and trust us: with a great hairdresser and stylist like the brilliant fashionistas at Lily Jackson Hairdressing, you will pull it off. So take the plunge, pick up the scissors and razor and feel fabulous with a low-maintenance, versatile pixie cut. We can’t wait to see you!

Debunking the hairstyle myths around what we should and shouldn’t do.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with messages of should and should not’s:

  • ‘what clothes you shouldn’t wear’
  • ‘what style is appropriate for your age and body shape’ AND
  • ‘your face shape doesn’t really suit that hairstyle’.

We’re going to debunk those blogs and articles about who suits what, and show you what you really need is a great hairdresser who can translate hairstyles and hair cuts into shapes that suit you.

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contour makeup

In Contour Makeup: Part One we explored skin prep, matte/satin foundation finish and using a monotone colour palette to create the Contoured Makeup Looks Abbey Lee Kershaw and Delta Goodrem have both worn on the covers of Australian Vogue. Now lets look into the final four attributes of this on trend make up style…

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I first fell in love with this style of make up a few years ago when I saw it in an editorial spread with make up and hair by Max May. The model’s hair was platinuum blonde, tied atop of her head in a rough texturised bun. Her stunning blue eyes popped out from the image, eyelids toned with beautiful muted browns and cheeks bronzed just enough to give her an overall healthy glow.

This look is currently experiencing a resurgence in the Australian fashion scene –  just take a look at the August 2012 issue of Vogue with model Abbey Lee Kershaw gracing the cover, as well as the more extreme and classic version of the look showcased on the July 2012 cover with Delta Goodrem.

Let’s take a look at how to piece together this make up look…

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Clean pearl beige blonde hair colour, a great haircut, and make up that give her a beautiful radiance - our client feels great!

Clean pearl beige blonde hair colour, a great haircut, and make up that give her a beautiful radiance – our client feels gorgeous!

Our client feels AMAZING after her hair and make up transformation…

Great hair and makeup applied by a professional can make you look 10 years younger.  Watch our videos to see how our client transforms in just three hours!

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Stunning Hair & Makeup results for our client through this transformation at Lily Jackson Hair + Makeup

Stunning Hair & Makeup results for our client through her transformation at Lily Jackson Hair + Makeup

At Lily Jackson Hair + Makeup the experience is tailored to you. From the initial consultation, to our junior team providing you with a lush scalp massage and hair treatment suited to your hair needs, to your Stylist making sure your hair colour, haircut, blowdry and at-home maintenance are all taken care of.

Watch Jules explain how just a few specially selected home care products can take the guess work out of your maintaining your hair colour and hair styling once you’re in your bathroom wondering what to do!

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Amazing results in our 10 Years Younger Makeover at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

Amazing results in our 10 Years Younger Makeover at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

After a few hours of relaxation for our client, and some inspiring work from our Director Julie Peacocke, our client is left feeling and looking ten years younger!

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