Do you struggle with curly hair? A long-time client shares her top tips on how to manage curly hair and her experience at Lily Jackson Hair and Makeup.  It’s great to be loved by your clients!

After a lifetime of battle, I’ve come to a place where I love my curly hair and I mostly always wear it in a curly/wavy style (ie not in a ponytail which, in most instances, is not a hairstyle).

I must admit I used to get slightly miffed when I’m talked to other women about the trials and tribulations of hair care and they’d dismiss my hair as being “naturally beautiful”.  Yes it does have a natural curl but I have to do certain things to make it look nice.  While these “things” don’t take me alot of time, they do cost more money than going to Woolies to get hair product and Just Cuts for a haircut.

So enjoy my tips, feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll respond to them as best as I can.

TIP 1: Invest in professional hair care for curly hair

For ALL hair types I recommend only using professional hair care, not the stuff you buy from Woolies or Coles.
There are PLENTY of professional brands to suit all price ranges.  I’ve done a fair bit of research and spoken to some local manufacturers – it’s really a case of you get what you pay for (in most instances).  Paying $40 for a product that’s going to last you 6 months and give you 6 months of hassle free hair IS A GOOD COST EFFECTIVE CHOICE!

If you have colour in your hair then it is a doubly effective choice because the products you choose should also be colour safe and preserve the lovely colour in your hair (rather than have it dulled or washed out).

I used to use supermarket brands but noticed a big difference in several areas when I made the switch to a professional brand.  I’m a convert now.

TIP 2:  Don’t towel dry curly hair

Rubbing your hair with a towel after you wash it does two things: it contributes to the cuticle layer of your hair being displaced and it also messes up the curls, both of which contribute to frizzy hair.

The best way is to gather your hair up into an absorbent towel and wrap it up.  There are some microfibre towels designed especially for this.  Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup taught me a way to wrap a towel around my head without twisting it; it’s the way they do it for clients after their hair has been washed.

Leave your hair wrapped up in the towel for at least 5-10 minutes.

Unravel the towel, place styling product in your hair and leave to dry naturally (preferably indoors or in a draft free location) or diffuse dry.  By following this tip you will definitely notice a difference in how your hair behaves for the rest of the day.

TIP 3: Get a SLOW DRYER and a diffuser

Well what I’m talking about is a blow dryer of course, but one that delivers heat without the speed.  Even most hairdresser’s hairdryers are way too strong – they’re geared for straight hair.  That’s why the crappy hairdryers in most hotels and motels are perfect for curly hair!

Fortunately you don’t need to spend a small fortune – I bought a hairdryer for less than $50 that came with a diffuser and a low speed (they normally go on sale too because everyone else is buying the fast one’s!).  It’s an ionic dryer so it’s got all the features but not the speed because curls like to be treated with a soft touch, lots of warmth and no man handling!

Diffusing your hair dry should not take a long time – it just feels like it because you’re going slow, but you will be rewarded with little or no frizz and beautiful tresses that everyone will take for granted because “your hair is naturally beautiful”.

TIP 4: Pay for a great hairdresser who understands curly hair

Get recommendations from people who have hair styles and haircuts that you like – just stop them in the street.

I mentioned earlier that I always wear my hair in a style.  What that means is that it’s always worn down in a curly or wavy style and it is cut in such a way to create a fantastic shape.  When I put it up, it looks like I’ve had it professionally done (because my hairdresser showed me how to do it).  Some people would consider what I pay to be a lot for a haircut.  But the payback is immense: I don’t spend one minute wishing I didn’t have my hair or thinking I wanted it to be different…  Well OK maybe the occasional day I wish I had straight hair!

I’ve found that Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup know how to work with my curl (rather than cutting it like straight hair).

TIP 5: Get curly hair cut every 8-12 weeks.

Even if you’re growing your hair long.

One of the things I love about my haircut is that it grows out so well.  When my stylist says “I’d like to see you in 8 weeks” I used to wonder why I would need to come back so soon, especially if I was growing it.

But at 8 and a half weeks I would know why – I would start to look like a cocker spaniel!  The weight of the hair would pull the top layer down and the underlayers would  curl out like big fluffy ears… not very attractive.

Getting your hair cut regularly is like having your nails trimmed – it keeps split ends at bay and it keeps your hair style looking good.  Which means you feel good.  A great hairstylist knows how to take weight out of the hair without affecting the overall length.

I’ve been growing my hair for a year now – and despite having haircuts every 8 weeks, my hair has been getting longer and longer.  It’s the longest I’ve ever had it in my life and the curliest thanks to great advice and care.

Thank you Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup!


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  1. Minnie Goetzinger
    Minnie Goetzinger says:

    Curly hair is gorgeous, if you have curly hair you have body without even trying! You do need a great haircut for it to sit properly, a few control and moisture products and your style can look beautiful!

  2. Patricia Evans
    Patricia Evans says:

    Hi, Thanks for your awesome article. I think everybody should know that avoiding any miscommunications and bad haircuts become much easier if you bring inspiration and pictures of top-notch hairstyles with you. Showing your hair stylist a picture of the haircut you want will provide your hairstylist with an idea of what you’re looking for – both in terms of cut and even colour. Your stylist will also be able to tell you if that particular cut and style works for you – so be prepared to get feedback and maybe only partially the haircut you want.


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