Why did you chose to become a hairdresser?
As a makeup artist, I loved being able to alter or change someone’s look and change the way they feel about themselves. Hairdressing is a natural extension of that, so I decided to become a hair and makeup artist.  People can feel amazing not only when they are going to a special event, but all day long – what a great way to spend a day at work!
bodypaintingFunniest career moment?
Not exactly funny, but I was once body painting a model for a photo shoot and the fumes from the paint made her pass out. She ended up being fine and we laughed about the incident after.
Grand delusions calendar
Highlights of your career?
Working on the Grand Delusions calendar for Multiple Sclerosis.
I worked alongside a beautiful man whose partner had unfortunately contracted the disease.  He instructed a female seniors swimming class who all allowed me to do their makeup for the charity calendar. The theme was the 1920’s and I will never forget one of the lovely ladies in her 80’s comment on how I had made her feel beautiful, something she thought she would never experience at this late stage in her life.
It really shows the power of hair and makeup.
What are you passionate about?

Aside from hair, makeup and beauty I am into food and fitness. I absolutely love trying new restaurants, cooking as well as going to the gym.

I listen to a bit of everything. I’m obsessed with SoundCloud and discovering new artists.
Natasha's cat, Tux and CocoPets
I have two cats. Tux and Coco. They are rescue kittens. As for the names Tux is a tuxedo cat. Coco is a brown tabby.
What is the question you get asked the most? 
What is your background? I was born in Bristol, UK and moved over with my family when I was 3 years old as my Dad was a passionate Scuba Diving instructor and there’s not many places to go Scuba Diving in Bristol!
Why did you chose lily Jackson hair and makeup?
On my first day I saw first-hand how professional and passionate the team are at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup. Each one of their clients left not only looking amazing, but feeling amazing. I am excited to be learning and working along side such talented stylists.