We all deserve to have less chemicals in our life!  Health is our birth right!  So we’ve searched, researched, trialled and decided that our ammonia and PPD free ranges are an essential addition to any forward thinking salon.  If you have a specific desire to reduce the chemical load of hair colouring, then call us to arrange for a consultation on what approach would be best for you.

Organic Hair Colour SydneyDon’t be fooled into thinking that organic hair colour is organic.

The word organic is not regulated. But the words Certified Organic are.

The only certified organic colour available are some types of henna. But unless you want an unattractive tinge of orange red through your hair, then you might want to consider coming to see us. In addition you should read this article about Organic Hair Colour – it explains that even henna is considered unhealthy by some reasearchers.

So consumers are being duped into thinking they are doing the right thing by choosing a salon that says they offer organic colour.  The fact of the matter is that if you are changing the colour of your hair (or permanently change how it behaves like curly to straight), then you cannot be using organic products, in the truest sense of the word organic, because these processes require a chemical intervention.

But with an estimated 75% of women colouring their hair, we can make choices that reduce the chemical load.

Healthier Hair Colour Choices

One company coined the term Clean Colour Technology and we like that.  Colour technology should be as clean as possible.  And technology implies that it’s the best available at the time, but like our computers, it’s always being upgraded.  And when it comes to our health, so it should be!

We place a high degree of pressure for our suppliers to be honest and ethical in this area.  At Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup Sydney we spend a considerable amount of time doing our own research in this area which allows us to stay informed of innovations and remain independant of being influenced by any marketing claims.

We offer several ranges of colour that have cleaner ingredients or ingredients that have been tested to reduce reactions – each range has their own merits – which is why we’ve hand picked them.  In coming to Lily Jackson Hair and Makeup for your “organic” colour you can feel safe and secure that we will make recommendations to you that will deliver outstanding colour results with the lowest chemical intervention possible.

Clients with known sensitivities are required to undertake a skin patch test with us so we can evaluate the suitability of our “clean colour” ranges. Unfortunately some clients still react to these ranges and we don’t proceed, so we are very careful about our recommendations.

Even if you purchase DIY box colour from a health food shop, you should read this article about why DIY hair colour from a supermarket is dangerous and can never deliver the kind of results you would get at a salon and unnecessarily exposes you to MORE chemicals than would take place in a reputable salon.

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