Grey Hair Transition

Grey hair can be absolutely beautiful

Getting to the point where your natural colour shows through after years of colouring your hair however is a bit of a journey.  The hardest way is to stop colouring your hair cold turkey: you accept regrowth (grey roots) showing through and getting longer for up to 2 years or longer as your hair grows out. This is not a terribly graceful or enjoyable process.

Going grey gracefully is definitely not an unachievable cliche, but it does require bespoke colour design and an outstanding haircut.

Meet Julie

Julie is one of Jules Peacocke’s clients. Jules, Director of Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup, has always admired Julie for her unique look and style and has enjoyed creating this versatile look.

Julie found her journey to grey hair empowering as she talks about confronting and embracing who she is. Read more about Julie’s journey to grey hair here.

Grey Hair Julie
Best Grey Hair Transformations at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

Meet Michelle

Michelle’s journey to grey came about with feeling confident with where she is at and embracing age with grace. Read more about Michelle’s journey to grey hair here.

Going grey. Hair transformation by Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup
Grey Hair Transformations Long Hair at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

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Grey hair can be pure gold