Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray – your new lifesaver!

We can’t rave enough about this life-saving coloured mineral powder spray that touches-up grey hair or coloured hair regrowth in between visits to your hairdresser!

Read on to find out why this product is a must-have.

What is it and does it do?

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch up spray to cover grey hair or colour regrowth

This is the number 1 life-saving product to have in your bathroom if you colour your hair to cover greys or experience visible grey regrowth to roots between visits to your stylist!

Not only does this touch up spray do a brilliant job at touching up hair, it is filled with nourishing goodness for your tresses. The natural micro-fine mineral colorants are super effective and mix effortlessly with your natural hair to cover the inevitable greys and regrowth that happen between appointments.

If you are in a hurry and need to touch up your t-bar or highlights, the quick-drying powder formula in this mixture will help you save precious time. It also contains rice starch which act like a dry shampoo and absorbs dirt and oil and leaves your hair feeling refreshed and clean.

Your hair gets protected from harmful UV rays which could diminish and fade your hair colour. You also get the additional benefit of stronger hair fibres.

Available in 6 shades but some are better than others

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray comes in 6 colours in an attempt to provide a solution for blondes, reds and browns.

Having road tested most of them, the best, easiest and most universal shades that work well are the light and dark brown shades.  The next are the red and finally the blondes. It’s not that the red and blonde Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray don’t work – it’s just that you would have to test these colours out first to see how close a match they are to your hair colour.

Don’t’ get me wrong – the spray does work beautifully to instantly cover up greys and regrowth roots in your hair and I use one of the dark brown shades. It contains extremely fine pigments which can flawlessly blend with your natural shade – but not everyone will find a match given the infinite shades of colour our stylists create for us when colouring hair.

The spray contains a quick-drying powder formula that refreshes your hair by also absorbing dirt and oil – great for times when you’re in between washes.

The entire Oribe range is sulfate, paraben, sodium chloride and gluten free and doesn’t test on animals. What’s not to love about that!  #winning

Does it work? I mean, really?

Absolutely! Notwithstanding that you need to colour match the correct shade (one time when you might need to try before you buy), once you spray it on your roots or the areas you need to cover, it immediately touches up the area and blends beautifully with your natural hair. What’s more, a little goes a long way.

There is no smudging and it washes out super easily in water.

But read on to understand how-to-use and how-not-to-use this product.

How do I use it?

This life-saving product is amazingly simple to use but here are tips from one the owners of Lily Jackson Hair and Makeup to help you get the most out of your Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray:

  • This is a powder spray so you need to shake it well before using Hold the nozzle about 5cm from the area you want to touch-up and spray lightly on the roots or the areas of concern and wait a few minutes. Watch your hair revert back to its pre-root glory in seconds!
  • Less is more – don’t get fanatical if there are a couple of greys that are visible – you are going for a NATURAL look.
    Honestly, no one looks at you as closely as you do in the mirror!
  • The best results are achieved through short bursts of spraying to cover small areas (rather than one big stream like you might with hairspray).
  • Distance of the nozzle from the target area is key to getting the best coverage and most natural effect. If you’re too close the touch up will be concentrated and you end up using more product If you’re too far away the micro-fine mineral powder will just float off in the air.
  • Don’t touch the section of your hair once it’s been touched up by the Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray. The powder needs a minute or two to fully dry.

And while it is smudge-proof, if you rub the section of hair that has been touched up even once it is dry, there will be some colour that rubs off on your fingers – it is a mineral powder after all! Then if you touch your face or your clothes, you’ll soon discover your mistake L… people will really start to look very closely at you! LOL!

Our personal recommendation is to do a trial-run of the product on your hair on a day that you’re hanging at home and not in a rush. It would be a shame if you’re all dolled up to go out, use the touch-up spray for the first time and then find you botched it up. IT IS EASY TO USE but a little bit of practice with the spray helps you understand how it works.

Is there a wrong way to use this?

Basically, you just spray it on the affected area following the very practical tips outlined above.

The Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray is lifesaving in between visits to your stylist but it’s not a product that is designed to stretch out the time between visits to your hair stylist and cover 2 inches of regrowth!  So, don’t be slack: make and keep your appointments with your hairdresser at the interval they suggest to you.

This product will not leave your hair feeling stiff and tight, and is actually quite refreshing for hair that feels like it needs a wash.

We also haven’t road tested the product during sweaty workouts – so if you’re going to sweat save the touch up for post work-out… unless you want to road test it and let us know what happens?!!

What else do we love about this product?

It’s actually what we would consider purse size – it’s a long slender tube – thinner than some mascara’s (but longer in length of course). So you could easily pack it in your gym-bag and touch up your dry hair again after a workout or a swim.

How can I buy this must have hair product?

Just purchase it from our online store!

Or send us an email or chat (the box on the bottom right of your screen) with your phone number and we’ll call you. One of our talented hairdressers will give you expert advice and you can rest assured that you will get what you need.

The Oribe range is so amazing that we really believe everyone should have a chance to experience it. We hope you will.


Natural Microfine Mineral Colorants which are formulated to cover and conceal unwanted grey roots and regrowth quickly and without effort. It also focuses on your hair fibres for healthy growth.

Rice Starch acts like a dry shampoo by absorbing dirt and oil and giving your hair a clean and fresh feeling.

UV Absorber protects the hair from damaging rays which can cause colour fading and brittleness that results from drying.