MelissaDo you have a special occasion coming up, or just always like to look your best? Come in and have a professional blowdry with us. Lily Jackson Hair will have you stepping out of the salon feeling and looking fabulous! The great thing is our blowdries are now at such affordable prices you will be able to have salon glamorous hair whenever you need it…





Blow dries that don’t cut cornersvictoria Secret hair

We provide exceptional service to create the blowdry you’re after and don’t cut corners in your service. A blow dry appointment will cover consultation, shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage, styling products, and hair styling with an experienced and talent stylist. A blow dry appointment will take 45 minutes and we aim to have you leaving the salon feeling more than just satisfied with your hairstyle.

Blow dries that stand the test of time

Because we don’t try and have you in and out of the salon in 15 minutes like those express blow dry salons, you will find that our attention to detail will deliver a blow dry you will happily wear for 2 to 3 days.

Blowdries that add volume

Concerned about volume and fullness, we can create a gorgeous glamorous Victoria Secret-esque blow dry to make you feel a million bucks!

straight hairBlowdries  for a sleek high shine finish

Want your hair to look exceptionally healthy, sleek and full of shine? Then have your locks blowdried and ironed straight.

Blowdries with texture

Want a textured beach curl or wave, or a classic Veronica Lake vintage wave – we can create it for you.

Blow dries with salon professional shampoo, conditioner and styling products

We will tailor the shampoo and conditioner we use on your hair to your specific needs – whether that be to enhance the style to be achieved in your blow dry, or to address another hair concern such as dryness, colour protection or eliminating brassiness.

veronica lake Great environment with benefits

We are a boutique hair salon that create bespoke hair styles to suit you and your lifestyle.

You can chill-out or get some work done whilst we take care of your hair. We provide a large range of beverages, fashion magazines, and enjoyable music.  If you don’t feel like talking just let the stylist know.  Some stylists prefer not to talk as well – it takes all sorts of people to make a tribe and we want you to enjoy your Lily Jackson Hairdressing experience.

Great clients & staff

On top of the charms of our environment and great haircare, you will be amongst great people – we are a client intimacy business and strive to make our salon feel like a community. Many of our clients have been coming to Lily Jackson Hairdressing for 15 or more years and are a part of our salon family. This family is ever extending and we love welcoming new clients to our business.

Blow dry Prices

We are unapologetic about our blow dry prices.
The stylists that perform them generally all have between 12-30 years experience and they are remunerated for their time. So our pricing reflects their time, expertise and the quality of product used during the service.

It would be like asking you to take a pay cut if you were organising your team’s roster, when you normally manage a team – why would you be paid less for a different type of work?

If price is a major factor in deciding where to book then perhaps we aren’t the right salon.  Many salons have junior team members perform blow dries which makes them more affordable.  Regrettably, we are still suffering post pandemic employment shortages and it’s worse in city locations so, it is what it is.

If you do love our work however, and would like to come for a regular blow dry, then by all means talk to your stylist about how often you would like to come and we can work out a pre paid blow dry package to suit you.

A final note about blow drys at Lily Jackson Hairdressing Potts Point

  • Not all hair types hold blow dries well.  You should know this already and tell your stylist.  They can help you with all sorts of professional advice.  A great haircut is the place to start.
  • Not all hair types respond to loads of heat or curling irons – you should know this already and tell your stylist up front.  My hair is a perfect example – too much heat from curling irons and my curly hair flops!!
  • For people who tend to wear their hair straight, Keratin Smoothing Treatments definitely make blow drying your own hair significantly easier. There are definite advantages to having regular keratin treatments and you can read all about them on our keratin information pages.

Our aim is to make you 100% happy with your hair by providing a professional and friendly service.

So why not BOOK ONLINE or call us and experience the salon for yourself on (02) 9331 0111 or contact us online.