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Curly Hair Dry Cutting (Sydney)

Curly Hairy Dry Cutting is Better because…

Curly Hair Dry Cut Rules Out
Guess Work

With a dry cut

  • We take the guess work out of the hairstyle
  • We can see your hair’s natural shape
  • We can see how your curl forms and falls and how to work with it
  • We understand how to best manage the texture of your hair
  • We don’t hack at it, but we remove the weight from areas in precise and strategic ways to create killer looks.

You Experience
Your Hair’s True Nature

Not all curly hair is the same.
There are tight curls, loose curls, fine curly hair or coarse curly hair just to name a few.

Some hair will tend to frizz while other hair just behaves nicely.

Each curly hair dry cut is a bespoke service that takes into consideration your curly hair type, your challenges, your lifestyle and most importantly, how you’d love your hairstyle to look!

Fall in LOVE with your curls again!

We Unleash Your Curl Power

Just because your hair is curly doesn’t mean you can’t have different looks!

We will teach you how to get the most out of your hairstyle whether it’s wash and wear or diffuse blowdried.

We will show you the hero curl styling products we know that work and will take your curl power to another level.

And if you like to colour your hair, we’ll give you advice on the best techniques for your curly hair type.


Hairdressing’s (not so) dirty little secret…

You’ve been “sold” straight hair because hairdressing’s nasty secret is that most hairdresser’s don’t know how to cut curly hair properly.

Well this ends now with us blowing the lid off the STRAIGHT HAIR NATION…

Come and experience a Curly Hair Dry Cut with us and feel the difference!

After a curly hair dry cut at Lily Jackson Hairdressing you will:

  • Love the look of your new hairstyle: better shape, more style,
  • Love the feeling of your hair: greater manageability and less hassles
  • Love the ease with which your hair behaves: wash and wear or diffuse blowdry
  • Be given great advice on the best curly hair products and haircare regime for your curly hair type: not all curly hair is the same!!
Curly Hair Dry Cut
dry cutting curly hair
Curly Hair Dry Cut

How to prepare for a Curly Hair Dry Cut

It’s important for us to be able to see your hair in its natural state prior to cutting.

So please observe these important guidelines if coming in for a curly hair dry cut:

  1. Please arrive with clean dry hair, worn out (not tied back), that has been left to dry naturally.
  2. Leave-in conditioner or moisturiser is ok.
  3. NO – hard gels, or sticky creams.
  4. NO – head bands, no ponytails, hair ties, sunglass kinks or hats please (these create unnatural kinks in your hair and will affect your haircut).
  5. Arrange your appointment for the day where your curl is in its best form.
    Eg. If Day 3 post-shampooing is when you love your curl, that’s when we need to see you.
Curly Hair Dry Cut
Curly Hair Dry Cut
curly hair dry cutting

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