perfect blunt fringe

blonde fringeA fringe is a great way to create interest in a haircut. Can a fringe look bad? Our stylists answer without a second thought – YES! Fringes can look boring, lank and unflattering but a quick, easy but great blowdry will solve that.

A fringe does need a bit of attention but not a lot. You can blast your hair with the blowdryer but with a little more effort on your fringe you will get a great result.

Here are some steps to making your fringe look perfect. Our Sydney hairdressers have talked through step-by-step instructions to make it an easy process that is worth putting the time into.

Brunette Fringe


1. Wet your fringe and comb the fringe of your hair forward and straight down
2. Use a hair dryer with a nozzle so you can direct the air flow
3. Hold the dryer above your forehead/head so the air is blowing the fringe straight down onto your forehead.
4. Using your fingers move fringe from side to side while holding the blowdryer in a position that directs the air straight onto the hair. Never blowdry fringe in the one postiton. Constantly keep it moving – this is what creates volume and separation.
5. Keeping the airflow consistently in a downwards position until dry
6. Use your hands to move fringe forwards and soften it once dry.

Blowdrying your fringe and hair is much better for you than using straightening irons.
Straightening irons put direct heat onto you hair and will cause heat damage which leads to dry hair and split ends if you don’t have the right heat protection product in your hair before hand.


blunt fringe
julia stegner bangs and fringe
perfect blunt fringe







Why get a fringe cut?

If this is something you are considering here are a few things to sway you to go for it. A fringe shapes your face, it adds new dimensions and brings out certain features, like your eyes or cheek bones. Depending on the style of fringe, whether it is on a short bob, long hair, a side fringe or full fringe it all has the same effect. It is a statement. And when cut well by professionals who know what to go for and what suits certain shaped faces it is one that rocks and won’t go out of fashion.

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  1. Gillian Amers
    Gillian Amers says:

    My daughter loves this article and the images, no doubt she will want a style with a fringe next visit. See you in about 4 weeks.

  2. Lesley Timbs
    Lesley Timbs says:

    I’ve always wanted to try a blunt eyebrow-skimming fringe, you have made me see I can’t go wrong; fringes really do revamp your look. I’ll take the plunge the next time I visit!

  3. Therese Dalton
    Therese Dalton says:

    I also find changing the heat setting right at the end to cool sets the fringe in place. Thanks lilyjackson.

  4. Vanessa Delaney
    Vanessa Delaney says:

    There won’t be anymore kinks in my fringe thanks to these tips, cheers lilyjackson team!

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  1. Jessica Goodman says:

    I would like to thank you for this post. Looking forward to my next cut, a change of style…..possibly with a fringe :)

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