Meet our friendly, professional team of Sydney hairdressers and makeup artists.


Jules Peacocke


Salon Director

Jules spent the first part of her career working in a leading salon in NZ and then onto another leading salon in the bright lights of London where her work featured in numerous fashion & beauty magazines. Here in Australia she founded Lily Jackson in 1998 and is ever grateful for her long list of loyal clients and fantastic team. With fashion, film and TV work to her credit, she looks forward to showing you how beautiful your hair and makeup can be, every day of the year.

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Graeme Cumming


Creative Director

Graeme has worked in salons all over the world and was a finalist in the British Hair Dressing Awards. He is The Master of Glam with a reputation for beautiful colour work, precision cutting and super styling.  He is also the creative genius behind all of our photo shoots. Come and experience a transformation with Graeme.



Master Stylist

After travelling for 5 months Samantha has landed her feet with us at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup and we’re so excited to have her! Samantha originally trained in an academy in the South of England, to then continue in education under Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. Moving to London is where her career really took off, gaining a wealth of hairdressing experience that ranges from building an in-salon clientele, wedding hair and makeup on weekends, styling  for music videos, photoshoots, advertising, celebrity, to runway.

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nadine behrendt hair stylist at Lily Jackson Hair and Makeup


Master Stylist

Nadine attained the title of German Master for Hairdressing 8 years ago in Berlin and is passionate about her work and continually honing her craft. Whether it’s perfect seamless balayage or precision hair cuts, her clients are overjoyed with the results of their transformation appointments with Nadine.  Being obsessed about hair from a young age, she has travelled the world and has now decided to call Sydney (and Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup), home.

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Master Stylist

With a mixed ethnic background of east meets west, Kawada’s experience and appreciation for the diversity of culture, colour and beauty in the world gives him endless inspiration that he devotes to his craft. Drawing from the wisdom of Picasso, Kawada’s personal mantra in his work is to “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”.

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Timur Smagulov


Master Stylist

Timur’s passion for creativity became apparent from the age of 10 when he joined a dance academy and developed his love for movement. Competing in dance also immersed Timur in all the excitement that goes with styling hair for competitions.  As a result, he became attracted to the magic and transformation that happens when working creatively with hair and became the   impetus that has fuelled Timur’s passion and career ever since.

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Group Manager

Nikki’s mission in life is to help others foster their true potential through education and knowledge. It is no surprise that she thrives wherever there is action, in all areas of her life.

Controlling the action from the front desk she helps the team exceed our clients expectations with her enthusiasm and passion for sharing knowledge, her love for mentoring and inspiring others to achieve excellence.

Nikki’s philosophy is simple – “it is the raw ingredients of life – what you eat, think and drink – that hold the key to health, happiness and success”. Her authenticity shines through in everything she does.



Reception Angel

Jess’ favourite quote is:

“There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking.”

Jess holds fort at our front-of-house with her positivity and beautiful nature. She believes in the power of the mind and doesn’t let limiting thoughts stop her from achieving great things.

With a creative background in Film, Television and Fashion, Jess adds her own touch of confidence and style to our team.

Jess loves being surrounded by creatives and people who work hard to achieve what they believe in.

She is inspired by the timeless style icon, Edie Sedgwick who was ahead of her time with fashion and her overall look. She was outrageous and fascinating.