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Hairdressers Bellevue Hill

Lily Jackson Hairdressing has carved out a reputation for being the hairdressers Bellevue Hill people simply love. And why’s that? It’s all about you.

Quite simply, we understand exactly what you expect to find from the hair salons near Bellevue Hill style lovers call exceptional.

Pop over from Bellevue Hill to Lily Jackson Hairdressing, where you’ll find:

True Creativity

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Sheer Expertise

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Absolute Trust

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Stunning Service

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Directions for hairdressing near Bellevue Hill

The best Sydney hair salons are just minutes away in the car or public transport. Take a break from Bellevue Hill for a visit to Lily Jackson Hairdressing – you won’t regret it!

Suburb Quick Facts

Bellevue Hill was discovered to be Australia’s most costly suburb in 2018, with the largest average home cost of $5.4 million.

In the early 19th century, the area was referred to by Irish-Australian immigrants as Vinegar Hill, after the Battle of Vinegar Hill, an engagement during the 1798 Uprising of the United Irishmen in south-east Ireland.

The list of cool things to do in Bellevue Hill between hair styling sessions is almost endless.

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Lily Jackson Hairdressing is your local hairdresser near Bellevue Hill. We can help you:

lilyandjackson_1737Stand out.
We know that cookie-cutter styles are not what you are looking for. You want to look like you, expressing your individuality and flaunting your own style yet still mastering those on-point trends of the moment.

Have confidence.
A great hairstyle and makeup can give you confidence you might have only dreamed about. But the only way to achieve it is with the help of the best local and international stylists, master cutters and hairdressing experts can offer.

Pop with colour.
The right hair colour for you is not just a matter of making a random pick. At Lily Jackson Hairdressing, we don’t just help you discover what will work for you; we painstakingly test, trial and cherry-pick only the best products for the best hair colour and stunning results.

Lily Jackson Hairdressing boasts not just the best hairdressers in Sydney but also the very best makeup artists that will leave your skin positively glowing. We even have our own, healthier mineral makeup that will make you look beautiful for every occasion.

Revel in the details.
As part of our premium Potts Point hairdressing services, we offer a range of cuts and restyles, colouring, extensions, straightening, eyelashes, as well as wedding and photo shoot hair and makeup.

Give Sydney’s best hairdressers a call on 02 9360 8708 (Darlinghurst), 02 9360 8708 (Potts Point), or easily book online today!

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