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Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel is a woman whose hair always looks absolutely luscious! Her colour is always perfect and rich, whilst her hair styling looks effortlessly chic!

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nectaya hair colour

Our clients are loving the reduced chemical colour option: Nectaya Professional Colour by Goldwell! We have had Nectaya in the salon for a little while now, so giving it a raving review is definitely overdue, but must be done!

If you are interested in reducing the chemical load of having your hair coloured regularly then this range of colour is definitely worth considering.  The results are amazing, and there are many reasons why! Read on to find out more…


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Grimes is Claire Boucher, a female singer, producer, musician, visual artist (about to have an exhibition in New York City), and entertainer harking from Vancouver, now based in Montreal. I see her personal style as a modern sci-fi punky hippy. She has just released her third album titles Visions, the cover of which she illustrated herself. Read more

emilia clarke as daenerys targaryen

We love actress Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in the television series Game of Thrones!

Emilia Clarke has most often been seen with brunette locks, but in Game of Thrones she steals every scene she is in with long tousled platinum blonde hair often woven into side braids or softly pinned away from her face.

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Fashion Grey

In this article on Grey Hair, we look at grey hair as an on-trend fashion colour; a part of the pastel hair colour craze thats showing no signs of abating. We can see grey hair on the runways, in fashion blogs, on celebrities and hip young gals everywhere. Why is this colour popular? What are the varieties? Is Pastel Grey flattering?

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Stylist Carl Campbell for Goldwell/KMS Colorzoom 2014

Hair Styled and Coloured by Carl Campbell for Goldwell/KMS Colorzoom 2014

Colorzoom is an annual international award held by Goldwell/KMS. There are 3 awards in the competition covering:

GLOBAL CREATIVE COLORIST – which is open to all GOLDWELL stylists who have more than five years professional experience. The GLOBAL NEW TALENT COLORIST is open to all GOLDWELL junior stylists who have less than five years professional experience. Finally, the GLOBAL PARTNER COLORIST category, which is open to all stylists who already have worked for the GOLDWELL brand as a freelancer, trainer or guest artist. Our team entered the first two categories. Read on to find out more about their looks and the make up  choices by Carissa…

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Hot Wet-Look! for Ready to Wear 2015

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hot Wet-Look! for Ready to Wear 2015

Glossy deep side parts and loose wet look hair are giving us goosebumps! The looks seen on the runways at various Autumn/Winter 2015 shows at the moment are fresh hair-fashion inspiration and we are lapping it up at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup. Lets take a look at some of the looks we love best in the trend…



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Organic Hair Colour

At Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up our health philosophy is simple – less chemicals not more.

With the plethora of organic hair care products on the market, we’re sorry to inform you that Organic Hair Colour does not really exist. 

But there are certainly ways to reduce your exposure to chemicals or avoid animal ingredients in the quest for beautiful hair and an organic or vegan lifestyle.

Organic Hair Colour Style


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Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup's Director Julie Peacocke's colour and cut transformation for Carmela

Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup’s Director Julie Peacocke’s colour and cut transformation for Carmela

Meet Carmela, a 25-year-old case worker at an insurance agency. Her hair has grown out into a bit of a ‘nothing’ style, and she was keen to make a major change with Julie Peacocke, Director at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup (who, fun fact, also does Claudia Karvan’s hair).

And just watch what happened. Read about the process involved in this chop (or see stills, if you don’t have time to watch the video) below.

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Elumen Colour by Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell

Elumen Colour by Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

We are excited about the amazing results we are getting from Elumen hair colour from Goldwell. Elumen is the world’s first high performance oxidant free and ammonia free hair colour that delivers brilliant colour results with incredible durability and shine. 




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