kelisLet’s explore some of the amazing hair, make up and body painting creations that the R&B turned Dance artist Kelis has brought to life in her music videos, on the red carpet, in her everyday life and for her album covers as well as editorial shoots. We love Kelis as she is not afraid to try something different and she allows the hair, make up and body painting artists imaginations to run wild!


Hair & Make Up Play

Hair and make up style can enhance how you want to feel or it can be like putting on a character. Kelis’ stylists understand how make up and hair can completely alter your persona and they explore the possibilities without limitation when styling Kelis.  As a result Kelis is a chameleon when it comes to hair and make up. We see her constantly transformed into different characters such as 1950’s Marilyn Munroe, Tribal Warriors, an 80’s Glamour Icon and Futuristic Goddesses.

Kelis with white base on forehead

White base on forehead and eyes is teamed with falselashes and a soft pink lip to create a modern interpretation of tribal face painting as seen in a recent video clip of Kelis’

Kelis in simple look

Kelis’ look for the video clip to her song Brave (Flesh Tone 2010). This can be interpreted as both a 1950’s Marilyn Munroe look and as a very classic 1990’s make up look with smokey eyes and matt terracotta lipstick.

Kelis with a plait of extensions

Kelis with a plait of extensions, a crown of horns adorning her head (not dissimilar to the Statue of Liberty). Her eye make up is grey and smokey, whilst the lips are a nude peach-pink tone soft lips. This look is one of the many looks she has in her film clip for Acapella (Flesh Tone 2010)












Body Painting

Body painting is a very specialised skill. there maybe innumerable body painting artists out there, but those who do it to an exceptional standard are few. Body painting is an extremely time consuming art. That’s why when I see amazing body painting – I appreciate the detail and the transformation that takes place. Kelis heavily features body painting in her album covers and booklets and has editorial style shoots that focus on body paint…

Kelis' Scream single cover from her 2010 Album Flesh Tone

Kelis’ Scream single cover from her 2010 Album Flesh Tone

Kelis photoshoot with Hype Williams

Kelis photoshoot with Hype Williams

Kaleidoscope Album Cover 2000

Kaleidoscope Album Cover 2000








Love it? We do!!! We wonder what will be next, and are always excited to see what her creative team will come up with…