Style Icon Liv Tyler

Liv TylerWe love how Liv Tyler stands on her own merits as an actress and exudes her own sense of fashion and style. She seems seperate from the pressures and monotonous trends of the “celebrity-machine” and has an absence of fear in the way she pieces together her looks….


She has been in countless movies, most notably The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, which rocked my world each boxing day for three years running! She has also been in less popular but classic movies such as One Night At McCools with Matt Dillon and the grunge cult classic of the 90’s Empire Records.



From Rock to Boho Chic

Liv Tyler Boho ChicShe sometimes taps into her rock n’ roll roots with her image, like in the picture above right, but most of the time stands true to more natural boho chic looks, which you can see below. She always ups the anti for the red carpet events looking extremely angelic and sophisticated.





Her long brunette locks are always in perfect condition, well mane-tained we are guessing with moisturising shampoos, conditioners, treatments and smoothing serums designed to add lustre and shine to the hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was keeping KMS Silk Sheen Polishing Serum in her handbag! Her colour varies only slightly across the brunette spectrum; including light cool brown, copper brown, rich cool coffee brown, or black brown. These tones compliment her pale skin perfectly.

Make Up – Pretty in Pink to Red Carpet Glam

Her make-up style is diverse and always looks meticulous and works in harmony with her fashion. Sometimes she will go for a soft young and fresh make up look, wearing soft pink lips with light definition on the eyes with brown and gold eyeliners and shadows with a hint of rose on cheeks. Other times she will spice things up with perfectly applied black kohl eyeliner lightly smudged. She often goes for this latter look or a smokey eye in a variety of shades (like black, brown or blue) for more glamourous events like movie premieres or awards nights. Check out my article Ombre Eyes for some great red carpet smokey eye colour combinations and Taking Your Make Up From Work To Dinner & A Night In The City to learn how to achieve a quick hassle free smokey eye look.


Liv Tyler’s overall look is versatile because she is not afraid of experimenting and trying different looks, unlike some celebrities who find something that works for them and then stick in that box until it looks par se’. The side braid style, pictured right, suits her long locks and boho/rock n’ roll style and demonstrates that she does what feels right for her and pulls it off with confidence.




Staying True To You

One more thing to praise Liv Tyler for is for embracing her pale skin in a whirlwind of celebrity fake tan! She is not tempted to jump the bandwagon and “orange-up“, thank goodness!…and that takes guts, believe me, a fellow pale skin person who has experienced peer pressure even as an adult to get a tan!

Liv Tyler Dramatic Rock and Roll Eyes

Liv Tyler in Black Dress







You can see that great style means being able to embrace a variety of looks and not pigeon-holing yourself into one image. That’s what it takes to be fashion savvy as it allows you to develop your own sense of style; to interpret trends/styles and make them your own. Liv Tyler does this with her fashion, make up and hair and that is why she’s an icon for us. So…thanks Liv Tyler, for expressing your own great style!

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