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Professional, Quick & Effective Hair Colour For Men with Grey Hair!

 Here is the solumen changing hair colourtion for the man who wants to have a great haircut, to be in and out of the salon quickly, and who wants to eliminate those grey hairs – A visit to Lily Jackson salon to see one of our great stylists teamed up with a Goldwell Men Reshade hair colour service!






Men ReShade Hair Colour Product

Blending out grey hair for men

Men ReShade Logo



Goldwell have designed professional hair colour specifically for men with grey hair: Men Reshade.

How long does  take?

This grey-blending service can be added to any haircut and needs no extra appointment time, as it will only take five extra minutes as the colour is discreetly applied at the basin.

How will it look?

The colour is semi-permanent which means it will gradually fade within 6 to 8 weeks so the colour always looks natural and you dont have to worry about noticeable regrowth.

Who is it for?

This colour is great for men who are going grey and want to lessen the appearance of their greys. The colour softly blends away grey creating natural variation and tone and does not look like a solid blanket of colour.

Check out this great before and after…
Before Men Reshade Service

Before Men Reshade Service

After Men Reshade Service

After Men Reshade Service









So next time you come into Lily Jackson for your haircut try the Men Reshade service and see the difference!




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