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Goldwell Colorglow IQ Regenerative Hair Masques

Do you have colour treated hair that needs a bit of TLC? If you do, Goldwell Colorglow IQ Regenrative Hair Masques are perfect to keep your tresses in peak condition! There are three in their specialised range for colour treated hair…







What are the magical ingredients?

The masques boast 100% regeneration, repair and radiance to give colour treated hair optimuum maintenance. They are 200ml tubs of hair nourishing goodness with ingredients like argan oil, vitamin E, lipids, grape seed extract, squalene, co-enzyme Q10 and provitamin B5. They leave your hair feeling like it has had a nutritious experience; hair is moisturised, repaired, feels smoother, and has great shine. You know you are doing the best you can for your hair and your colour, to make it look great and feel great for longer. And they are so affordable being less than $30.00 a tub!


Which one is right for you?

There are three customised masques in the range:


Deep Reflects: Colour

Deep Reflects Colour: (pink label): For vibrant colour depth on mid to darker shades of colour treated hair. Great for both warm and cool browns and reds. Has a gorgeous floral aroma.






Bright Shine: Full Blonde

Bright Shine Full Blonde: (yellow label): For all-over lightened cool and warm blonde tones. Grapefruit and passionfruit freshness makes using this masque an indulgence!







Brilliant Contrasts: Highlights

Brilliant Contrasts Highlights: (blue label): For luminous definition on highlighted hair. The delicious sorbet aroma makes this masque a must for all people with highlights in their hair!






How do you use the treatment masques?


The masques are designed to be used once a week and are best left on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes. They come with a scooping wand to ensure you get the perfect dose of conditioner for your hair. The two tips Goldwell recommend are:

Tip 1) Thoroughly work the product through your hair from roots to ends. Work in sections, especially if your hair is very long.

Tip 2) To enhance the effect, wrap a towel around your head. For a particularly pampering experience, we recommend to use a pre-warmed towel. Extend the processing time to 15 minutes to intensify the care performance.


What else is in the Colourglow product range?


The Colorglow IQ range also offers tailor made shampoos and conditioners, depending on what hair colour you are. Offering warm and cool tones in regular use conditioners for red, brown and blonde colour treated hair. We have spray leave-in conditioning treatments in the same categories as the masques which both our stylists and our clients sware by!






Want to know if this range is right for you? Come into the salon for professional advice from one of our stylists.


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