aygness dean hairstyleYou secretly desire to go long but you’re worried about growing pains… With a great hairdresser growing pains are a thing of the past. There is actually a new hairstyle for you at every length to get you where you want to go…


When you grow your hair out, you don’t have to struggle with unruly hair through those in-between stages. Leaving your hair untouched will only encourage flicks and kinks in the wrong places, which will discourage you from sticking to your plan to grow your hair out!


The best way to grow your hair out, believe it or not, is to maintaining regular visits with your hairdresser. A great hairdresser will know how to shape your hair into a style while keeping the length. There are so many styles you can experiment with whilst growing your hair out. A great hairdresser will know how to transition you into new hairstyles at each stage so you still look great whilst getting you to the length and style you ultimately desire.


Regular trims will actually speed-up your hair growth. It is much better for the health of your hair to have regular trims, plus you won’t be left feeling frustrated and frumpy-haired! Just remember only a great hairdresser knows how to create a style without hacking into the length.


Lets take a look at some great style transformations…

Here we can see actress Michelle Williams growing out her pixie cut by first growing out the length on top along with the length of her fringe.

The secret is to keep the back of the hairstyle short whilst growing out the length to prevent a mullet-look. Here, she plays with her partline which provides versatility and interest in her hairstyle.

michelle william's haircut in growing out hair

michelle william's haircutmichelle williammichelle william's short hair





Anne Hathaway is currently going through the same process but is choosing to keep the style more tailored at the back in comparison. She seems not so concerned with growing out the style but is rather having fun playing around with various short hairstyles. A great hairdresser will show you all the different ways for you to wear and style your hair.

 "The Dark Knight Rises" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivalsanne hathaway's hairstyleAnne Hathaway's Short Hairanne hathaway




Agyness Dean provides some awesome inspiration for trying a variety of styles as she grows her hair. It’s a given that this beauty can pull-off any style she desires, but that is not to say that you can’t try some of the amazing styles she has shown us…

agyness dean's short hair

agyness dean's haircut

agyness dean's hairstyle

aygness dean

Remember these key things when you’re growing your hair…

  • You’ll need to make sure you are seeing a great hairdresser to get you to the style you desire.
  • Regular visits to your stylist whilst growing your hair out will ensure the health of your hair during the growing phases.
  • Regular visits to your stylist will mean you get to play with a variety of styles along the way to getting your hair to the length you want!
  • Growing your hair out is not as hard or unsightly as you may think – with the support and guidance of your stylist, you will definitely get there in style!
  • Hair extensions can help to get you to the length you desire quicker! We offer both Great Lengths Keratin Bond Extensions and WASP Hair Tape-In Hair Extensions to create more volume, thickness and length.

Do you want some great style advice and for us to help you take the first steps on the journey to the hair you’ve always desired? Contact Us at Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up. We love helping our clients transform their look to feel beautiful with their hair everyday.