Organic Hair Colour

At Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up our health philosophy is simple – less chemicals not more.

But let’s get something clear up front – Organic Hair Colour does not exist (apart from some types of Henna). 

There are ways to reduce your exposure to chemicals in the quest for beautiful hair but it is confusing and contradictory.

Organic Hair Colour Style


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super hair color

With an estimated 75% of women colouring their hair, we know they can’t all be going to a hairdressing salon. Home colour is big business.

We have witnessed so many problems with DIY colour that we could write a book! Being a master hair colourist takes years of experience and practise and most of all requires a significant amount of technical knowledge. Read more

There is a Part 1 to this article: Sulfate & Paraben Free Haircare Part 1

Parabens are not the only chemicals we need to be aware of and need to avoid when it comes to our hair products and many other cosmetics. Sulfates are another chemical we would benefit from avoiding. Read more

It is our general observation that hair and scalp health improves when we move clients onto professional ranges that are paraben and sulphate free.

Here’s a case study about a 48 year old male client.

PROBLEM: A male client came in complaining of excessive dandruff and flaky scalp. He is recovering from cancer and takes very good care of his health. His hair has thinned on top considerably but he is not bald and this has occurred as a result of a genetic issue rather than any medication or cancer treatments. I asked him about his hair care regime and he indicated that he only used an “organic” shampoo from the health food shop. Read more


Nasties in your hair care

The western world is increasingly becoming attuned to making a healthy lifestyle and food choices and with it, people are looking for more natural products to complement this shift. One key way we can look after ourselves is to minimise or eliminate harsh chemicals. Read more

hair disaster

The internet has opened up an endless platform for people to offer advice, even though many of them should not really be the go-to person on the topic they are writing about. This leads to people acting on bad advice and ending up with a disaster!

We recently met a client who experimented with such advice, experienced a hair disaster as well as a near miss with her health.  Would you believe the recipe for stripping unwanted colour from hair called for carpet cleaner!!

 Here are a few examples of terrible and weird advice we found on the web recently.

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