Modern Makeup Siren

Marilyn MunroeSophia LorenEgyptian LadyThe women who we admire from bygone eras all have strong personal image and great personal style. When we think of these diva’s of the past, some names that spring to mind are Marilyn Munroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren. Who would fall into the category of Modern Sirens? There are many successful, glamourous and beautiful women doing their thang in this world, but lets take a look at 3 Modern Sirens who have a very strong public-image and a definite style that they showcase not only in what they do, but also in their signature hair and make up style….

Dita Von Teese aka Heather Renee Sweet

Dita Von TeeseDita Von Teese - BurlesqueDita Von TeeseIs one of the most successful Burlesque performance artists working today. Her make up and hair is strongly influenced by the Pin-Up era, which spans the 1930’s to the early 1960’s. The era of the Pin-Up Girl really gained steam in World War II, when men would pin pictures of movie stars to the walls of their barracks or quarters.  It did not stop, but became even more risqué as time went on, with the women revealing more flesh. Dita’s image is a part of the Pin-Up era, with a strong influence of 1950’s Rockabilly. This is clear when you look at the array of colours (primarily red, white, blue and black) and style of clothes (pencil skirts, halter necks dresses and black or lace lingerie and polka dots patterns) she wears, and also in the “naughty girl” image she has.

Dita’s style is meticulous; she never has a hair out of place and she seems never to be caught out without her make up signatures of perfectly applied blue-based red lipstick on her lips and black liquid winged eyeliner on her eyes.  Dita also often wears a softly blended dusty pink on her cheeks and a white highlight on her eyes along with the strong liner, lashings of mascara and clearly defined eyebrows.

Gwen Stephani

Gwen Stephani in blue hairGwen StephaniCurly-haired Gwen StephaniGwen Stephani has been in the limelight since the late 90’s with her great band No Doubt. Her image has evolved in that time from Punky-Anything-Goes to Sophisticated-Blonde-Bombshell. I love how she takes make up classics and makes them her own. She will have gorgeous curls, defined with a little bit of teasing, and a bit of pinning around her face, reminiscent of Clara Bow, teamed with black winged eyes and plenty of mascara.

What I really like about her look is how she will have a vintage style hair do or eye-make up, and then give the look a great modern ‘Gwen” twist by wearing bright hot pink lipstick. She does sometimes wear the classic red on the lips, but the pink, for me, is the clincher, as it is a unique and modern take on the classics that she wears so well.

Nicki Minaj

Blonde Nicki MinajBlack-haired Nicki MinajNicki Minaj on WonderlandNicki Minaj has been on the hip-hop scene for many years, but only recently, once signed to Young Money Entertainment, has she become such a popular artist. Her hair and make up wardrobe is likely to be as big as a house! She wears wigs of so many different colours and styles, and teams them with bright makeup and clothing to match.

I see her style as very cartoonish, doll-like, unique and fearless; no one else looks like Nicki Minaj. Sure, sometimes she may have a blunder and look ridiculous, but most of the time she looks funky and modern.  Her unique beauty matches her unique rapping voice, and just like her voice, you don’t know what’s coming next; there is an element of surprise in what she creates as an artist in terms of her music and her appearance, and this is something that I think makes her an interesting modern woman.

Her make up signatures are a gorgeous bright hot pink or pastel pink lipstick, massive false lashes and thick 60’s eyeliner. But remember, expect the unexpected with Nicki Minaj! Wigs! Body Paint! Pink, Red, Blue or  Burgundy Lips! 

What do these very different women have in common? Their make up application is meticulous, flawless, clean and unique to them. They each have brave and unapologetic style when it comes to hair, clothing, make-up and what they do. Yet their strategies are very different. Dita’s look is classic and rarely changes, Gwen’s look also rarely changes but she does incorporate a modern twist to her looks, but Nicki on the other hand is a chameleon and regularly modernizes her look. But they are all three Modern Sirens!

Who do you think has great style when it comes to Make Up?

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  1. Teniel
    Teniel says:

    These women are awesome! I love that classic winged liner red lips look and both Gwen Stephani and Dita Von Teese do it to perfection :)

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