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split ends on hairHere you will find a whole bevvy of HAIRY questions we get asked and our honest answers and professional advice. This article is dedicated to Hair, Hair Problems and Tips on getting the best out of your visits to your hairdresser

Do you really want to keep hair like this on your head?

Q: I’ve got long bleached hair and lots of split ends – will this product help get rid of them?  I don’t want to cut my hair.

A: We get asked LOADS of questions about split ends. We could fill a library with all the different ways most women try to get around to explaining that they have split ends but they don’t want to cut their hair.

If this is you, then read on….

We see this all the time in the hair dressing industry and believe it is an undiagnosed form of psychological illness.   SORRY -but please read on.

SPLIT ENDS ANATOMY CLASS – why you should get wise and cut split ends off!

We’re hoping that with the information we’re providing you with, you will save hundreds of dollars in hair product costs and dedicate a good portion of those funds to finding yourself not just a good hairdresser, but a GREAT HAIRDRESSER.  A great hairdresser is someone who can help you manage your split ends problem.  More about this later.

So what is a Split End?

split ends under a microscopeThis is what split ends look like under the microscope

All of these could be lurking in your hair!

Split ends, or as the hair experts call it, trichoptilosis, occur when the protective cuticle is destroyed at the end of the hair. The hair will then split into two or more strands.



Diary of a Split End…

a. It may start out looking like this – the classic split end.
b. If the classic split (a) is not stopped it continues to split along the shaft
c. Multiple Splits – worse case when classic (a) and (b) is not stopped
d. The Dot looks like a piece of fluff, but doesn’t brush off
e. The Dot bends at a straight angle. This is not really a split thought, it is Trichorrexis Nodosa and is actually caused by an explosion of the cortex (2nd layer) of the hair in a single spot – see our image at the top.
f. The hole is the most difficult split end to find. The hair shaft has developed a split in the middle. To find this one, look for a small section that is lighter.
g. If you push the two ends of the hair strand together (on either side of the hole), it pushes the split apart and creates and hole.

So what can you do about split ends?

Honestly, truly and sincerely….

Only a hair cut will solve your problem.  Split ends are like a disease… they’ll continue spreading (up the hairshaft) without you knowing or being able to see this.



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