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Don’t call me Bob!

If you’re looking to update your hairstyle and scared of going shorter, the short hairstyle for women affectionately known as The Bob might be a great option.

But the prospect of The Bob haircut has been sufficient to strike fear in the hearts of women. Many clients coming to Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup are looking for a change – “Do anything” they say, “but don’t give me a bob!”. By this they mean the one length hairstyle, with or without a fringe, that falls anywhere between the chin and shoulder.Louise Brooks Bob CutThis is a classic haircut that emerged in the 1920’s. The icon that comes to my mind is actress Louise Brooks and her short tightly cropped bob.

The fear most modern women have of The Bob hairstyles stems from appearing “Mumsy”. This hairstyle appears in high numbers in certain suburbs of Sydney. It has been overdone with an alarming lack of imagination or creativity.

Who does The Bob haircut well?

Two very different style icons come to mind – Victoria Beckham (socialite, wife of soccer star David Beckham, from The Spice Girls popstar fame) and Anna Wintour (long standing editor in chief of Vogue US).

Anna Wintour’s haircut is timeless and classic. Despite being able to make or break fashion trends, she remains committed to this hairstyle year in year out. Teamed with her dark designer glasses, it has become her trademark.

Bob Cut of Anna WintourBob Cut Hairstyle of Anna Wintour







The Bob frames her heart-shaped face beautifully. It is a clear statement but doesn’t overpower her look. Anna’s statement is about style; the clothes, the way she carries the length and style with confidence.

Victoria Beckham's Bob CutBob Cut Hairstyle of Victoria BeckhamBob Cut Hair of Victoria Beckham






Victoria Beckham makes a statement going short. With an oval face, high cheek bones and a strong jaw line her features compliment the look. It’s really about having the confidence, the features and feeling good in the haircut. This is a great haircut for women who have fine hair because the blunt angle of the long fringe makes styling for volume easier.

So as you can see, The Bob can be timeless or it can be an edgy modern statement that can be adapted to suit your lifestyle. Any shaped face is suitable for The Bob. As long as you feel good in it, then you will rock it. Short hairstyles for women do not need to be feared! Here are some other women who wear this style with class and ease.

Celebrity Bob CutRihanna's Bob Cut HairShowbiz Personality's Bob Cut Hair






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