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Celebrities Rocking The Best Red Hair Colours For 2020

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If you put 100 random people off the street into a single room, how many of them do you think have a naturally red hair colour? Twenty five? Ten? Five? Not even close.

Actually, only 1 to 2 percent of the population has naturally red hair, caused by a mutation in the MC1R gene that produces the coolest pigment in the world – pheomelanin.

The result? As stunning as it is stunningly rare. But that rareness doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of shades of red hair atop heads everywhere you look. So what’s the deal?

Well, it wasn’t too long ago that people with red or ginger hair colour might have been very tempted to colour it the more ‘standard’ brown or blonde in order to fit in.

But although there is plenty of colour competition these days, the many different shades of red hair continued to be among the most popular choices into 2020. That was also true at Lily Jackson, where our trend-conscious customers kept strolling into Sydney’s best women’s hairdresser to let our red hair colourists work their magic!

So when it comes to the most stunningly beautiful types of red hair, want to know what inspired Lily Jackson’s hair colourists? Answer: The celebrities who rock that red hair colour the best.

We’ve featured ash blonde, grey hair and rose gold hair among others. Now it’s time for red hair colour ideas to take centre stage! Here are our favourite red-heads of 2019:

1. Amy Adams

The double Golden Globe winner’s soft, copper hair colour is the perfect complement for her porcelain-like skin.

Amy Addams Red Hair Colour

2. Isla Fisher

Borat may love Pamela Anderson’s blonde locks the best, but in real life, he is married to the stunning Isla Fisher – whose naturally red hair colour looks stunning in a subtle ombre style.

Red Hair Colour - Isla Fisher

3. Debra Messing

Is there anyone who can rock a bright auburn hair colour with more style than the star of Will & Grace? Believe it or not, her original dark red hair colour was actually a colour stylist’s mistake, but we absolutely love it!

Red Hair Colour of Debra Messing

4. Rumer Willis

Perhaps you recognise her better with a dark or perhaps burgundy hair colour, but Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter tried on an almost orange-red hair colour with her short style in 2019. It was the perfect demonstration that all types of red hair can really work if executed well.

Rumer Willis

5. Emma Stone

There’s only one thing brighter and bubblier than the beautiful Emma Stone – and that’s her bright, bubbly and ginger hair colour. It’s hard to believe that she was born blonde, but many shades of red hair work better than you could imagine on people with fair skin.

Emma Stone with red hair

6. Anna Kendrick

Unlike the fair Emma Stone, Anna has a warm medium skin tone that looks the best with a dark red hair colour.

Anna Kendrick

Did we miss your favourite celebrity who gave the various red hair shades the coolest reputation in 2019? Honourable mentions go to Julianne Moore’s neutral auburn hair colour, Julia Roberts’ red balayage highlights, and the way Christina Hendricks is always mixing it up to keep her red hair colours eternally fresh.

The skilful and experienced hair colourists at Lily Jackson create the most beautiful looks every single day, matched perfectly to your features, personality and lifestyle. So no matter which shades of red hair have caught your eye, give Sydney’s best hairdressers a call for advice or make a booking today.