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Contour Make Up: Part One

I first fell in love with this style of make up a few years ago when I saw it in an editorial spread with make up and hair by Max May. The model’s hair was platinuum blonde, tied atop of her head in a rough texturised bun. Her stunning blue eyes popped out from the image, eyelids toned with beautiful muted browns and cheeks bronzed just enough to give her an overall healthy glow.

This look is currently experiencing a resurgence in the Australian fashion scene –  just take a look at the August 2012 issue of Vogue with model Abbey Lee Kershaw gracing the cover, as well as the more extreme and classic version of the look showcased on the July 2012 cover with Delta Goodrem.

Let’s take a look at how to piece together this make up look…

Delta Goodrem's look on the cover of Vogue Australia July 2012

Delta Goodrem’s look on the cover of Vogue Australia July 2012

Abbey Lee Kershaw Vogue Australia August 2012

Abbey Lee Kershaw Vogue Australia August 2012










Contoured monotone make up can be very flattering; enhancing your natural bone strucutre to perfection! The look is great for pale, light to medium and olive complexions. Lip, cheek and eye colour can be customised for these skintones, just think in the spectrum of browns, bronzes, and coppers. For dark to very dark complexions a similar look can be acheived with tones of plum, burgundy, silver and gold.


Contoured Monotone Make Up for Darker Complexions

Contoured Monotone Make Up for Darker Complexions

Along with these colours you need to have a matte foundation that matches your complexion without masking your natural skin tone, read the key attributes of the look below to get a better idea how to make this look work.

Lets look at the key attributes of contoured make up…

1. Even-Skin A Must

Skin must be prepped and given a flawless finish to perfect this look. Remember your basics of cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise and prime to prepare your skin for a great make up application. Dark circles or red undertones should not be visible, so make sure you apply foundation, concealer and set with a translucent powder. Take a look at No Sticky Make Up Here Honey! to find out how to create a flawless finish with your skin, or Concealer A,B,C’s will have you concealing like a pro in no time!

2. Matte/Satin Texture

This style is usually created using matte make up for skin and eyes. You can see slight satin highlighting in the image of Abbey Lee Kershaw, on the inner corner of her eyes and a satin sheen on her lips and the peaks of her cheeks, but overall this look is best achieved when matte. The sheen she has is satin and subtle rather than glittery or metallic.

Abbey Lee Kershaw in Australian Vogue August 2012

Abbey Lee Kershaw in Australian Vogue August 2012

3. Monotone Colour Palette

The monotone make up colour palette along with the choice of using matte make up results in a balance between the key facial features; eyes, cheeks, brows and lips. They are all sculpted and shaped to perfection and are given the same level of attention when applying your make up.

Without shimmer and shine your eyes scan each feature rather than a shimmery feature grabbing your eye’s attention. Our eyes take in the overall look and appreciate the harmony between all of the facial features.

There are 4 more key attributes to explore within the Contour Make Up look. Check them out here in Contour Make Up: Part Two!