contour makeup

In Contour Makeup: Part One we explored skin prep, matte/satin foundation finish and using a monotone colour palette to create the Contoured Makeup Looks Abbey Lee Kershaw and Delta Goodrem have both worn on the covers of Australian Vogue. Now lets look into the final four attributes of this on trend make up style…

4. Strong Contouring & Definition

You know the exact shape of the brows, eyes and cheeks with this look; brows are heavily defined and are thick, barely plucked and brushed upwards; think of a young Brooke Shields. Lashes are defined, but they are not the key thing we focus on. Cheeks are chiselled with strong bronzed contouring just below the peak of the cheek bones.

5. Eye Shadow Placement

cara delevigne's contour makeup

Perfect Matte Complexion with Contoured Monotone Make Up

The look involves colouring around the entire eye with your staple eye shadow, including lining the eye along the outer bottom lashline with this key colour. Colour is taken heavily into the contour/crease of the eyelid and rises above it to create a shadow.

6. Lip Colour

The lip colour continues the monochromatic theme, so match the lip colour with your overall staple colour that you have used for eyes and cheeks. If you’re running with the colour scheme of Delta or Abbey, think nude with a slight touch of peach. You can see a slight variation on this theme in the image bottom left, with the model wearing contoured monotone make up bar her ice pink lips.

Contoured Monotone Make Up Plus Ice Pink Lips

Variation on the Theme: Contoured Monotone Makeup Plus Ice Pink Lips

Bronze Contoured Monotone Make Up

Bronze Contoured Monotone Make Up


7. Liquids or Powders

You can use liquid and powder products to create your look. Just remember this golden rule with make upapply all liquids first and any powders second; this will give you great layering of product and set the make up. Liquid over powder is a big no-no as you will surely see the powder move and your finish will be blotchy and patchy.

Fresh Faced Satin Contoured Monotone Make Up with Freckles

Fresh Faced Satin Contoured Monotone Make Up with Freckles!

There are many liquid bronzers and eye shadows on the market today if you prefer the satin finish Abbey Lee Kershaw wears. Just remember you don’t want shine, shimmer and glitter! You need a subtle satin finish so test the product out on the inside of your forearm or on your face to make sure it creates the right effect.

You can now buy liquid foundation that sets with a matte finish as well. You should opt for a product like this if you are a fan of liquid over powder and prefer the Delta Goodrem matte version of this look. The mattifying liquid foundations, sculpting powders and powder bronzers will be good products to use. The great thing about a mattifying liquid is that you don’t have to pile on the foundation or the powder to achieve great coverage or to create a matte finish. This means the final result will not look like you have overdone your make up and put too much on.

Another good option is to use a loose powder mineral foundation a few shades darker than your natural skin tone to contour your cheeks. Take a look at my article Healthier Make Up Choices: Part One: Why Plant & Mineral Cosmetics Are Better For You to find out about the great benefits of switching to mineral makeup!

You can see that by creating colour harmony, balance between the facial features and making each facial feature perfectly shaped and defined within its own structure you can create this contoured makeup look that is sophisticated yet down to earth at the same time.

So next time you have an event to go to try this contoured monotone make up for a look that is up-to-the-minute that will make you feel and look glamorous.