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Top 5 Cool Men’s Hairstyles for Winter

With a change of season inevitably comes a change of style. In the Autumn/Winter season men are taking classic looks and giving them a fresh twist. Long or short, there are plenty of new trends for you to embrace. Whether that means changing the way you style your hair, or getting the chop, here’s how to freshen up your winter look!

Cool mens hairstyle #1: Grow your hair

Grow your hair

Grow those lush locks!

More and more, men want to keep their length, so of course one of the fast moving trends this season is long hair. Winter is the best time to start growing your hair. Rather than strategically using your hats and beanies to get past the messy stages, the key to growing your hair out nicely is regular trims at Lily Jackson Hair + Makeup – our Sydney hairdressers can keep you looking cool while you grow your hair.

Our experienced stylists will keep shape your hair into new styles as you grow it longer. We will also show you new ways to wear your hair such as trying the sleek back look.

The most popular long men’s hairstyle is growing the length to just below the shoulders. A square cut with soft layers to add movement is the way to look hot hot hot in the cold of winter. Leave it natural or add a texture spray such as KMS Playable Texture Spray for best results.

Cool mens hairstyle #2: 50s Revival Hair

The Modern Greaser Boy!

1950’s Revival Hair – The Modern Greaser Boy!

sleek and glossy hair for guys

We love this sleek and glossy hair for guys

There are plenty of versions of the 50’s style with a strong side part, Its popularity comes from being easy to style and professional appearance. The latest trend is to leave the hair tousled and laid back which is great for everyday styling for all hair types. You can always go for a sleeker look for events – remember to blast your hair with a hairdryer to get volume at the roots.

Don’t be fooled by relaxed hair, you still need gentle blow drying and product to give your hair lasting texture and movement. For this look use a matte wax or clay-like KMS Clay Creme. Apply product thoroughly with your fingers to achieve the thrown back looseness of this style.

For a sleeker, more classic version use a pomade such as KMS Design Wax which has a slight shine finish. Apply product liberally and comb through.

Cool mens hairstyle #3: The Mop Top

textured mop-top

The textured mop-top!

A popular look for the everyday man, it’s a versatile cut that’s great for slightly wavy hair. It’s defined by a structured fringe line and loose, forward-moving texture through the interior. Great for the man who likes to wake up and go.

To achieve this look apply a texture spray when wet and blow dry hair forward, using hands to scrunch the hair as it dries. Try KMS Sea Salt Spray for texture control.

Cool mens hairstyle #4: Pompadour



This is an ultimate impact haircut, lots of body and shine. This haircut makes a real statement. The latest addition is a disconnection on the side, creating a sleek and controlled look for the fashion forward man.

To style; apply a texture spray or volumizer and blow dry up and back to create body. Use pomade or gel with strong hold and shine, comb directly back to set the hair into place. We recommend KMS Gel Wax.

Cool mens hairstyle #5: The Buzz Cut

The Classic buzz-cut

The Classic buzz-cut!

A lasting classic is the buzz cut. Keep it fresh with ultra tight sides and a manicured hairline. You’ll need to maintain the sharp look with regular haircuts every 3-4 weeks. With ultra short hair, it’s always about keeping it looking clean and polished. Perfect for the time poor man or anyone who loves a sleep-in.


It’s always a good time to try something new with your hair and you always can have a cool men’s hairstyle no matter what stage you are at. Simply see one of our experienced stylists to start your hair journey and we’ll show you how cool your hair can be!


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