cutting your own hair

OMG, we cannot believe the poor advice given by amateur bloggers and the like saying you should do this.


Well, we have one question for you – How much did you pay for the scissors you are about to use on your hair? If the answer is less than several hundred dollars, you may as well use a blunt kitchen knife to chop your hair off. 

A great hairdresser will spend about $1,000 on a pair of scissors.

Don't cut your own hair

How much do you think those scissors cost?

These scissors are finely honed instruments and extremely sharp along the entire blade, right up to the perfectly alligned tip of the scissors.  These scissors only ever cut hair and a great hairdresser will care for their scissors like they are a fine piece of bone china – with great care.  The blades will make a clean and precise cut along the hairshaft that leaves the hair cuticle (the scaly outer layer of the hair) flat and attached to the hair shaft (as much as is possible as it depends on overall hair health).

If I can draw an analogy, using your own scissors would be like asking your surgeon to perform an operation on you with a bread knife and not a scalpel… not a pretty picture.

A great hairdresser will also adjust their cutting technique.

expert hairdresser cutting hair

A common technique to help give the illusion of keeping long hair while cutting out the nasties is point cutting: it’s not going to be the only technique they’ll use, and it depends on how bad the situation is.

Food For Thought – Realistic Hair Goals

The average person grows about  1-1.5cm of hair each month (in total, that’s about 18cm per year); however, there are some people who can achieve 2cm of hair growth per month (24cm per year).  There is also the factor of the resting phase in hair growth cycle–for some, it is more or less than 2 months. This is all pre-determined by genetics so there is pretty much nothing that can be done to alter your growth rate significantly.

So the best thing you can do for your hair is to take good care of it so that you can have a healthy head of hair. Just thought we should share this with you; hopefully, it gives you new information to make some different choices about your hair and hopefully changing the way you feel about it.

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