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How do you keep the shoulder length bob interesting? The Waved Bob!

Most bob hairstyles in the past have been very straight and smooth styled with the hair curling slightly under and inwards.  But this look can look quite mumsy or very “north shore” unless there is some texture or graduation in the layers.  So try breaking it up a bit by adding some curl.

The Waved Bob

The rising new trend off-the-shoulder-scraping cut is, The Waved Bob.

The Waved Bob is a casual, textured, beachy look that can be carefully adapted to suit all women giving them a sexy modern hairstyle that they can wear easily everyday.

How to create The Waved Bob:

  1. Work a mousse through the hair and dry off.
  2. Section the hair, then use your ghd’s to create some loose, “semi-curls” (they need to have a bend, but not be fully curly). Start curling a few inches down from the roots.
  3. Spray the hair with Sea Salt Spray to create a relaxed, beachy texture.
  4. Finally, work fingers through the curls gently to break it up or quickly blast the hair with a dryer to get a really natural look.

Do you need a change?

Having a drastic or slight change in hairstyles can always be a little scary. So we like to make sure our clients are happy with their decision by asking them a few things to consider when taking their hair short.

First and foremost, how long have you thought about this change? If you’re going from long to short hair we want you to feel comfortable about the change.

Secondly, it is always a good idea to bring in some images of the hairstyles that you like so you and your stylist are on the same page. It’s important the stylist can visually see the direction you would like to take your hair. From this they can then make the suggestions about whether it will work for you. Everyone will suit a different style due to different shaped faces and hair types. Some will suit really short and strong while others will suit a softer short look.

Thirdly, do you wear your hair tied back off your face a lot? If so, going short is a great option for you. It will be much softer on your face than having it constantly tied up.

When we are asked what makes a good short haircut? We answer simply, of course it will be the one that best suits its wearer! Short hair on women looks sexy when it has a feminine feel. Check out our story on what makes a great haircut or call us now: Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup, Sydney 02 9360 8708.

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  1. Cialis Feros
    Cialis Feros says:

    The bob can be so stylish and timeless. It never goes out of style and just keeps modernising. Great style icons you have included!

  2. Panela Detre
    Panela Detre says:

    Great look, I love the contrast of how the wavy bob looks soft and a-la-casual compared to the generally sharp structure of a traditional bob.

  3. Rebecca Harvey
    Rebecca Harvey says:

    Thanks for those tips, do you guys do the colour like that too there (like in the wavy hair image), is it called ombre or balliage????

  4. Tiffany Rose
    Tiffany Rose says:

    The wave SO makes a bob modern, young and more interesting. I love this look – Alexa Chung pulls it off to perfection!


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