Disco Eighties Hair and Makeup Tutorial


eighties makeupWith spring fast approaching it’s time to sort through your wardrope and pack away your winter woolies and while your at it enjoy a bit of inspiration from the team at Lily Jackson with whats in store for hair and makeup this spring.

 We still have a strong influence of the 80’s with lots of texture and hair that is in good condition to hold a lovely smooth curl.

With the warming sun start to get a bit more playful with your appearance. Side swept, tumbling curls sitting on one shoulder with bright fuschsia coloured lips is the perfect way to achieve this in a fun but casual way.

Musky pink lips up against blonde strands creates a beautiful soft everyday look.

For a casual-cool look, use a texturising product throughout your hair, part on one side, sweep forward across the forehead and clip at the temple.

The beauty trends that are going to cut it for sping 2011 are bright and wild with the natural look trading up for something edgier. Matte lips set ablaze and shine free. Teased and textured hair and cheeks finally getting some play after being overlooked for many a season. Gorgeous add ons in the hair in the form of accessories. Double header of vivid lips and flashy eyes are a signal of colourful makeup to come.

Keep an eye out for coloured mascara aswell!!

For the everyday wearer you can get your hint of the spring trend by choosing brighter lip colour with a bit more shine. Especially if your leaving your eyes and cheeks alone.

For all those who really want to get amongst the essence of spring have some fun with daisy chains. Seeing this makes me think of blissful summer days running amuck outdoors as a child.