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3 Perfect Hairstyles For Thin Hair

hairstyles for thin hair

Many women see their hairstyle as a deep part of their identity, because a bad hair day is not just a bad hair day, it can affect your confidence. Fine or thin hair lacks volume often appearing flat and limp, presenting a greater challenge for so many women.

But thin hair doesn’t have to be your hairstyling nightmare!
The key to making the most of thin hair is choosing a hairstyle that adds the appearance of volume and body and haircare and styling products that support it.

Fine or thin hair has a smaller diameter than thick hair – it’s like comparing a thin rope to a thick rope – thin hair has the smallest diameter.

At Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup – Sydney’s best hairdresser – we know exactly how to make the most of your fine or thin hair and will help you fall in love with your hairstyle all over again.

You might think that choosing the perfect hairstyle for thin hair limits you to short haircuts. While it’s true, shorter hair can more easily give the appearance of greater volume to fine or thin hair, whether you like it short, medium or long – we’ve got you covered with our three favourite hairstyles for thin hair.

Short hairstyles for thin hair: The tousled bob

One of our favourite of the many cool haircuts for thin hair – is the classic bob.

It can be styled up in a modern way using styling products to provide distinct ruffled and tousled look to give the appearance of volume. As we said, the best hairstyles for thin hair are short, but that doesn’t mean un-stylish and unsexy.

This enticing, flirty bob hairstyle is super-easy to volumise because of it’s blunt cut. Add a fringe, side part or even some asymmetry, and the tousled bob is the perfect haircut for thin hair. Using styling products that are designed to thicken and volumise the hair is a must (see styling products below).

Jules Peacocke, Director and Owner also suggests using a volume powder to dry hair which will increase the illusion of volume. Check out her recommendations below.

Medium hairstyles for thin hair: The angled lob

The angled wha? The ‘lob’ stands for ‘long bob’ – so it’s the perfect compromise between short and long hair.

Add some angle to that medium-length lob that grazes the shoulder and what you get is the appearance of extra body and shape. Again the ideal angled lob for thin hair needs a certain amount of bluntness because too many layers can give the impression that the hair is stringy and fine. Using appropriate haircare products for thin hair is a must!

Long hairstyles for thin hair: Shaggy blonde waves

While it’s easy to add the appearance of volume with short cuts, you don’t have to give up on your beloved long hair and favourite long hair styles completely.

It is going to be tough to pull off awesome long haircuts for thin hair simply by leaving the ends all the same length and simply blunt.

A great hairstylist applies a variety of techniques, adding body and volume to long thin hair. The shaggy blonde waves hairstyle is a great example. Adding some gentle layers provide texture without harsh lines.  Talk to a hair extensions specialist – adding hair extensions to thin hair will help your hairstyle look fuller and longer.

Consider getting some colour as well – colour can play a really important role in creating body to fine or thin hair. Be warned about going blonde however, it can make the hair strands thinner if your hairdresser uses cheap bleaches and professional colour.

Colouring your own hair is never recommended. Here’s why.

The best styling products for thin hair

To keep those good hair days rolling and feeling sexy, we’ve listed our favourite products for fine hair. Many women with thin hair avoid using styling products altogether for fear that their will appear limper, but there is a range of quality hair styling products for thin hair that boost volume including thickening sprays, mousses, and volumising detanglers. Best of all they’ve been road tested by our expert hairdressers!

Prescription products for thin hair and thinning hair.

We prescribe the Nioxin range of products to treat and volumise thinning hair. It requires a formal consultation and prescription but clients absolutely love the results they achieve when using this range consistently.

Shampoo and Conditioners for thin hair:

It’s important to use shampoo’s and conditioner’s that are specially formulated for fine or thin hair because they contain specific ingredient that plump up the hair cuticle to give the appearance and feel of more volume without weighing the hair down.

If budget is an issue then you can’t go past the Wella System Professional Volumize Shampoo and Conditioner for Fine Hair.

Designed to deeply cleanse the hair and remove residue and product build up on the hair, the System Professional Volumize range from Wella is an innovative shampoo that really works. Both products work to improve your hair’s volume, retain moisture levels, while adding bounce and creating a fuller, voluptuous look.

Mid range we have clients who swear by R+Co Dallas Thickening Shampoo and Dallas Thickening Conditioner. Again advanced polymers and botanical extracts will add vitality to fine or thin hair.

At the luxury end of the market, then you can’t go past Oribe Shampoo For Magnificent Volume and  Oribe Conditioner For Magnificent Volume. With body-building polymers your hair can have volume and thickness, the conditioner is a gel-like formula instead of a cream-based one for feather-light moisture. This range also contains botanical extracts that leave hair full, lush, strong and easy to love.

Thin hair? Don’t despair!

Here at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup, we know that the thinner your hair, the more trouble you can have finding great cuts and styles that really work for you. And while our friendly, professional team of Sydney hairdressers can draw on their experience to create a look that works perfectly for thin hair – We’d also love to hear from you our readers!

Will you be giving one of our top 3 hairstyles for thin hair a try?

Got a thin hair experience you want to share?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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