Hair sets are super popular on fashion runways, editorial spreads and music videos and are becoming increasingly seen on the streets of Sydney. Think of the Rockabilly crowd sporting their victory rolls, side rolls and pincurls. Or women with hair set by rollers and simplified less-than-perfect interpretations of fingerwaves. Why is this such a popular trend, and what does the team at Lily Jackson love about it?

Why are sets so popular?

Hair sets completely alter the look of the person or model, adding an element of sophistication regardless of if you are wearing a new designer frock or are dressed more casually. Hair sets can transport your look to another era while still having a contemporary edge. What we are seeing now is a mix of eras in the one look, creating a new fashion-fusion.

Here are some examples…

Rockabilly Girls

Rockabilly Girls do it well – double victory roll pictured here in a contemporary colour and style.

fingerwave faux bobs

Messy fingerwave faux bobs – a great trend you can pull off with imperfections (flyaways or strands left untucked) adding to the modern feel and interpretation of this style.











Designers Kate Spade, Moschino and Jason Wu are perfect examples of this trend. They brought bright geometric patterned clothes teamed with stricking make up and hair sets to the runways in Milan for the Spring/Summer 2013 Collections. Take a look!

A Modern Twist on the 1040's Victory Roll at Kate Spade Spring 2013 Collection

A Modern Twist on the 1040’s Victory Roll at Kate Spade Spring 2013 Collection

Moschino Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Moschino Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2013 Collection has the models Looking Retro in Geometric Print Clothing teamed with Half Up Hair that has been achieved by Getting Plenty of Volume into those Blowaves to create a Big-Hair Beehive-Revival!

Kate Spade Spring 2013 Collection

Here is another set from the Kate Spade Spring 2013 Collection – Looking Futuristic and Retro at the Same Time!

Why we like this trend?

A Braid Tucked Under at the Nape

The Twist! A Braid Tucked Under at the Nape of the Neck to which the Fingerwave Connects! Again we see a Modern Twist to a Classic Hair Set!

Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2013 Collection teamed Classic Clean Make Up including Strong Brows in a contemporary shape with a classic fingerwave style…with a twist!

We like this trend because it is timeless; fusing the fashion trends of our our own era with those of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Check out our Pinterest Pin Up Chic Board for some great 1950’s inspiration. We are seeing styles that we have grown to love and easily recognise in a new light. This current trend involves a reinterpretation, innovation and evolution of the classics.

It’s always exciting to see new looks being created. Fashion is a constant re-combination and juxtaposition of unlikely elements. When we see these new combinations on runways and the streets of Sydney, we are reminded of just how magical fashion can be. It is creatively endless!

How Can You Create a Hairset?

Circular hair donuts

Circular hair donuts – great for sustaining shape in your hairset!

Because of the wide variety of hairsets seen these days, it is not essential that you sit for hours with a roller set in your hair either at home or at the salon. You can cheat and use heat styling tools and hair donuts!

Although there is a lot to be said for getting a professional blowdry to help sculpt the hairset and give you perfect shape and volume – lets face it nothing you can do at home will beat what us professionals can do in the salon! i.e. think our of our very own Carl Campbell who will give you a blowdry that will last 2-3 days!!! But you do not have to create perfection, but rather to have fun with hairsets on a more day-to-day casual basis to vary your look and be versatile with the way you wear your hair.

Here are a few tips to get you on the right path to creating a hairset you will be proud to wear:

  • set of hair donuts

    Here are hair donuts you can use as either a circle or length-ways. You can use a straight donut to create the perfect round base line for a faux bob, in a side roll or victory roll, or to add height to a beehive – without the need for being too concerned about creating the perfect blowdry.completely covered by bobby pinning  and french pinning your hair around the donut or roll.

    Bobby pins and French pins

    Bobby pins and French pins – ideal for pinning in your hairset!

    Any form of heat styling will keep the shape for longer and give you a better result. That could be a blowdry, straightening irons, curling tongs, or a hot roller set.

  • Possibly the easiest way to create a look with side or victory rolls  at home would be to blowdry your hair by using a round brush to get volume and shape into your hair in sections starting from the nape of your neck and working your way up . Follow by placing a few large rollers (velcro or heated) around the top half of your head and leaving to cool. Once cool, pull out the rollers and begin to shape the hair into the style you are after.
  • Hair donuts and rolls will help to hold the shape of any curves and rolls you create – just ensure they are
  • For example, if creating a faux bob, like the one pictured above, create a messy wavy in your hair using straightening irons or sleeping with a plait in your hair overnight and undoing it in the morning. Tie the very tips of your hair with a hair tie and then begin to wrap the hair around the straight donut and pin into place.
  • Using a few key hair styling products such as KMS Volumising Spray (great on damp hair) and KMS Medium or Maximum Hold Hairspray (great finishing product to add shine and eliminate flyaways), will help to keep your hairset perfect all day long.

Enjoy these new trends and try them yourself at home. If you need a hand or want to create the flawless version of a hairset, come and have your hair done with us at Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up. We can give you some great tips on how to creatively style your hair and stay abreast of current trends! Just contact us!


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