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Featured Product: KMS Hair Play Design Wax

The KMS Hair Play Design Wax is one of our top selling styling products from the KMS range. Lets take a look at what makes it work so well…






What It Does: It is a light versatile hair wax that will add flexible hold, definition, seperation and shine to your style.

Who Is It For: Great for shorter hair styles that need product to define the layers and texture of the cut. Think short to medium length styles.

How Do You Use It: It can be worked through towel dried hair or dry hair. Place a 5 to 10 cent piece size of the wax onto your palms, warm up and spread the wax evening on your fingers before working through the hair concentrating on where you want to add hold and definition.

Generally this works best first applied on the mid-lengths and ends, then follow with applying a small amount on the root area to add lift and volume. Remember less is more with wax; you can always dip back into the pot to add a bit more product and definition, but if you are heavy handed you are going to weigh down your style making the hair look gluggy and greasy.

About The Packaging Design: The wax comes easy to use in a 75ml tub. It is not overly sticky or uncomfortable to use like some waxes, so you don’t create a big mess when using it!

What’s The Aroma: The aroma is fresh and fruity with peppermint and grapefruit.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5. Both our stylists and our clients love this product!
The KMS Hair Play range boasts 10 products in total! Designed to texturise, volumise and define many different styles. Want your hair style to have those perfect finishing touches, maybe try something from this versatile range…