Become aware of the health implications of chemicals in hair and makeup products by reading these articles. There is no such thing as organic hair colour for instance but there are “better” choices you can make. The same with cosmetics. Just by making more intelligent product choices you reduce the chemical load on your body and health.

Organic Hair Colour

At Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up our health philosophy is simple – less chemicals not more.

But let’s get something clear up front – Organic Hair Colour does not exist (apart from some types of Henna). 

There are ways to reduce your exposure to chemicals in the quest for beautiful hair but it is confusing and contradictory.

Organic Hair Colour Style


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Lily Jackson Darlinghurst Sydney

At Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup, we strive to provide the best services, best products and best results. What does being the best hairdressers in Sydney mean to the Lily Jackson team? How do we work to achieve this? Let’s take a deeper look….

  1. It means being the best version of ourselves every day for our clients, our team mates and our business.
  2. It means hours of hard work training/studying and implementing these skills to be technically brilliant at what we do.
  3. It means educating ourselves to be great communicators, so we can better understand our clients and deliver an excellent outcome according to the client brief without compromising hair health.
  4. It means we seek to build authentic and enduring relationships with our customers to understand who they are and how we can help deliver the right hairstyle for them.
  5. It means creating seamless customer service journeys that makes having your hair done enjoyable, relaxing, engaging and at the end of the day you, the customer, feel amazing.
  6. It means we as a team practice discipline and awareness when working together to ensure our environment is safe, clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.
  7. It means hours and years spent understanding all the chemical products we use and how to apply them so the end result for the customer is beautiful, lasting, safe and maintains hair health.
  8. It means listening to feedback from our customers and team members to grow and become better at what we do.
  9. It means to always be aware of and studying new fashion and hairstyle trends.
  10. It means our senior staff are trade tested to ensure they have the skills required to meet this position. Senior/ master stylist positions require a minimum of 10,000 hours across every skill set. This is equal to 5 years of time spent doing technical hair services with customers after spending 3 years training.  Our senior team have a minimum of 8 years hairdressing experience – they do not get to this position without this experience or participating in a trade test with us where we see their work and customer service skills first hand, as part of their interview process.
  11. It means working with our product companies and suppliers to ensure the hair products are the best we can find to use on our clients for the best benefit of our clients.
  12. It means understanding/educating ourselves about what is in the products to always ensure our customers and team are safe from any harmful chemicals.
  13. It means supporting the environment we work in by being sustainable and carbon neutral so we don’t pollute and everything that can be recycled, is.
  14. It means being financially sustainable so our team is paid fairly and legally and they can build themselves and their families a future, we can stay in business to service our customers and contribute to our community by paying tax.

It means being accountable as a business, as a team member and as a human who contributes positively to our world, we do this by creating beautiful hair for every human who is drawn to us.
Our team love to create beautiful hair – this is what it means to us to be the best hairdressers.

colour correction

If you’re considering dying your hair, when consulting with a new hair stylist, there’s a good chance one of the first questions they will ask is whether your hair is currently dyed or coloured. The reason, according to Lily Jackson Hair and Makeup Director, Jules Peacocke, is that colouring hair can be complex.

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There is a Part 1 to this article: Sulfate & Paraben Free Haircare Part 1

Parabens are not the only chemicals we need to be aware of and need to avoid when it comes to our hair products and many other cosmetics. Sulfates are another chemical we would benefit from avoiding. Read more

It is our general observation that hair and scalp health improves when we move clients onto professional ranges that are paraben and sulphate free.

Here’s a case study about a 48 year old male client.

PROBLEM: A male client came in complaining of excessive dandruff and flaky scalp. He is recovering from cancer and takes very good care of his health. His hair has thinned on top considerably but he is not bald and this has occurred as a result of a genetic issue rather than any medication or cancer treatments. I asked him about his hair care regime and he indicated that he only used an “organic” shampoo from the health food shop. Read more


Nasties in your hair care

The western world is increasingly becoming attuned to making a healthy lifestyle and food choices and with it, people are looking for more natural products to complement this shift. One key way we can look after ourselves is to minimise or eliminate harsh chemicals. Read more

Some ingredchemical-free cosmetic productients in cosmetics are known to be toxic to our bodies. It baffles me as to why scientists would ever think of including them in products that we apply directly on our skin, and why it is legal!

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natural beautyThe makeup industry is booming and shows little sign of slowing down.  Research indicates that even in times of financial hardship, women will purchase makeup items as a special treat.


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