Not manyglamazon solange of us wake up  in the morning looking like glamazons Gisele Bundchen or Solange Knowles. So what are the staples you need fashion, hair and make-up wise to look like an amazonian goddess with a tribal/warrior edge? Lets take a look…

Glamazon Is Out -Warrior Chic Is In!


When I typed in glamazon in google, lots of images of Ru Paul and Kim Kardashian came up! Sorry but that is not at all what I mean when I say glamazon! I am thinking more along the lines of a natural beauty that doesn’t require drag-queen make up or 6 inch heels.


Glamazon is a word that was popularised in the beauty and fashion industry a few years back to describe tall dark beauties that had a tribal feel to the way they look. Think women with model figures and height, and faces that are a bit unusual and more exotic than the average. The ideal of the glamazon was very out of reach for the majority of women; we could never reach that “ideal” and couldn’t relate to that image. Thus the rise of the Modern Warrior Woman!

I think we have developed tribal lookand transfomed the appealling idea of the exotic Brazillian Amazonian Goddess or Glamazon in the fashion and beauty industries and now adapt tribal and gypsy motifs and style in our hair, make up and fashion choices, making ourselves into modern tribal goddesses.


tribal fashion





Just look at the gazillion Vogue and Harpers Bazaar shoots that place models clad to the nth degree in traditional clothing amongst locals in exotic village and city locations. This theme and style has become increasingly popular as the “West” embraces anything and everything cultural, tribal and gypsy from around the world; this is what I refer to as Warrior Chic. Places like the Brazil, South America, Morocco, Africa, India, Romania, Scandinavia and Turkey provide us with a world of inspiration…

 So what’s involved in Warrior Chic style?


warrior chic


Hair is generally mid to long in length and it is all about enhancing the natural texture of your hair. For example, if your hair is curly you can use a leave-in curl enhancing creme such as KMS Curl Up Bounce Back Spray, or if it is fine use a volumising shampoo and conditioner  (a range that works is KMS Add Volume with eucalyptus and cinnamon), along with a texturising spray such as KMS Sea Salt Spray to achieve a soft voluminous dishevelled look.




faux hawkcreative braid


Expressive hair such as braids, texture, unusual parting or plaiting of hair, faux-hawks can all be incorporated into a warrior-chic look. You can even add other elements/accessories such as feathers, beads, headbands or headpieces to accentuate the overall look.



Warrior-Chic Fashion & Accessories
African Dress and Bootsstreet style tribal

Fashion wise think natural fibres, layers, unhemmed fabrics, fur (hopefully faux) and feathers, animal prints, and silver, gold and beaded accessories including chunky totemic/statement jewellery. One classic element to getting the Warrior-Chic look is to combine a few patterns within the one outfit, as well as to layer varying textures together to build contrast; this intrigues the onlooker and allows each element to be appreciated on its own and in combination with other unique pieces. It is fashion of abundance and creativity.



Tribal chic

Warrior Chic FashionTribal ladies style

tribal dress









Warrior-Chic Make Up

Make Up in this style is so varied – it can be as simple as enhancing one feature such as bronzing the skin to give it a glow, or you can enhance numerous features and use a kaleidoscopic colour pallette. The make up within this genre is so creative and inspiring; there are no restrictions or limitations! Check out my article No Sticky Make Up Here Honey! for great tips on creating flawless glowing skin and how to add splashes of colour to your look.

warrior chic makeup


simple bronzed makeupsimple makeup









warrior chic makeup and fashion We can see that Warrior-Chic is all about colour and texture and making unlikely combinations of the two that we don’t usually see. Contrasting patterns are juxtaposed within one outfit, whilst colour combinations in the make up create gorgeous colour spectrums and combine both dewy and matte finishes within one look. Hair is set free or controlled in creative arrangements bringing it to life.


Warrior-Chic is vivid and bold, and expresses femininity grounded in inspirations from around the world, tribal living and nature. Warrior Chic is an image of the modern women!

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