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Feature Product: KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray

What It Does: This is a great styling product in the KMS Hair Play range. It will add flexible light hold to your style and give you non-oily ‘tousled’ texture with a matte finish.

Who Is It For: It is great for all lengths of hair and is suitable for both men and women. You can use it on short hairstyles (like short men’s hair if you are after beachy texture) or mid to longer lengths of hair.

How Do You Use It: You can either mist the product into dry hair where you want the texture, or it can be blow-dried through to add fullness and body.

About The Packaging Design: The pump gives you a fine mist, so you have complete control over how much product is going into your hair. This is great if you are like me and don’t like feeling like you have too much product in your hair. Just a few sprays, ruffle the product through with your fingers to spread it evenly in your hair and vua-la! You have great texture with little fuss.

What’s The Aroma: It is so fresh and delicious! Real grape fruit and peppermint extracts are the key natural ingredients that create this great aroma.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 This product delivers what it set out to do and is overall a great performer.

Interested in trying the Hair Play Sea Salt Spray? Just pop in to Lily Jackson and we will happliy let you experience the product before you purchase!

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  1. Paula
    Paula says:

    Praise the person who invented sea salt spray!! I can’t live without the stuff and use it to give me a bit of body without feeling like I have heaps of styling products in my hair – love KMS’ version too!

    • Lily Jackson
      Lily Jackson says:

      Its totally fine to use on your hair regularly as long as you follow up with professional shampoo and conditioner that is prescribed for your hair. Just don’t put curling or straightening irons over it!

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