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Taking Your Make Up from Work to Dinner and a Night in the City

day to night makeupMost of us lead busy lives, juggling work, family and leisure, and when it comes to transforming your make up from day to evening it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to get you looking great!  Here are some tips on how to add drama to your make up for an evening look, not starting from scratch, but from your everyday wear.

This article works on the premise that you wear a few make up items during the day, say, a tinted moisturizer or light foundation, a single eye shadow, a coat of mascara, and gloss or lipstick.

From these basics, to quickly freshen up your look when you don’t have time after work to duck home and have a shower, costume change and prep your make up from scratch, all you need to do is:

  1. Using a powder brush lightly dust over your face in a circular motion with a mineral powder. This will eliminate any shine that has developed through the day and re-cover and even-out the texture of your skin. Powder is better at this point as natural oils would have risen to the surface through the day and adding a liquid over the top will potentially make it harder to get even coverage; you may end up with a patchy result with blotches of coverage and areas without coverage.
  2. Apply bronzer and/or blush to refresh your glow, applied with a blush brush.
  3. We want to add more drama and definition to the eyes for an evening look, so from our single colour over the entire eyelid, we will add one to two more colours for the evening. Add eye shadow colour to the contour of the eye; the crease and outside corner of the eye. The colour you choose needs to be a few shades darker than the base colour you have on the lid of the eye, or dramatically darker if you want a strong look. When this colour is blended well, you would have created a basic smokey eye effect. day to night
  4. The third and lightest eye shadow colour to use will really refresh your look, and hide if you are feeling tired and would actually prefer to go home and have a good sleep! Add an illuminating/highlighting eye shadow to the inside corner of your eyes, eliminating a tired look, but also adding more dimension and glamour to the overall look. You can clearly see where your placement should be in the image on the right – lid colour (turquoise), contour colour (charcoal) and highlight (pearl).
  5. Add a quick coat of mascara, or a few if you like.
  6. Finally a quick coat of lip gloss or lipstick, whichever is your preference.


Time to wine, dine and dance the night away!

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  1. Zahra
    Zahra says:

    These are great tips. I never have time to do my make up all over again when heading out for weeknight drinks and your tips really make sense! Thanks!

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