Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel is a woman whose hair always looks absolutely luscious! Her colour is always perfect and rich, whilst her hair styling looks effortlessly chic!

Jessica BielIn her latest interview and cover with a magazine we love here at Lily Jackson, W Magazine, Biel talks about her latest movie role in Total Recall and her tomboyish nature. She seems like a down to earth person who just wants to lead a healthy and passionate life without too much fuss – a good attitude to have!

In the image to the left you can see how her warm dark brown-black hair enhances her green/grey eyes and makes her soft rose make up pop to perfection! Of course she is insanely genetically blessed with great hair, great eyes, great lips, great bone structure, great figure…arghhhh, yeah maybe we don’t really like her that much anymore…just joking!

Jessica Biel's Blonde HairBlonde Jessica BielHer hair has been progressivley getting darker from a light natural blonde, and I must say in my opinion she looks so much sexier and sophisticated as a brunette! See the difference? Do you agree? Check out another of our Style Icons Emilia Clarke who also dons both blonde and brunette colour.


So I am definitely looking forward to seeing the action packed remake of Total Recall, because I love action and sci-fi! And to check out the cool styles both Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale will showcase!







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