Julie Peacocke loves hairdressing for a whole bunch of reasons.  But the one that stands out is creating really beautiful hair for real people.  Read on to find out more.

jules peacocke director of Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

Why did you choose to become a hairdresser?

I chose to become a hairdresser because I loved the personalities of the people who worked as hairdressers. They were all creative, unique, and not afraid to be who they were. I also loved style, fashion and design and my first hairdressing job felt like coming home.

How long have you been hairdressing?

I started in the Pre-Jurassic era 25 years ago….

Why have you stuck with it?  What’s the best part of your job?

I love that I can be myself. I get to create all day and help people look and feel amazing. I love the people I meet and the journey we take together.  I have many clients that I’ve known all this time – I’ve known their kids from birth and now they’re at Uni!

What are you passionate about outside of hairdressing?

I’m passionate about my family and especially my young son! I’m passionate about the outdoors, mountains and oceans, I’m passionate about my spiritual practice, I’m passionate about life.

What’s the funniest moment you remember from your career?

Being a young apprentice in hairdressing is a big journey in getting to know your self fast and I’ve worked with some beautiful and incredible unique human beings.  There have been many funny to-tears moments but one that stands out the most is a staff meeting in my first year where I was working with a really creative employer.   The meeting got really intense with the staff’s conflicting personalities… so he made the entire team stand up and dance to “Dancing on the Ceiling” by Lionel Richie!  That wouldn’t have been so bad in itself but we were on a busy main street dancing in the front window of the salon! People must have thought “What a bunch of Looney’s!”

The great thing is I’m still in contact with that guy and we are still good friends!

Do you have any career highlights you’d like to mention?

Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup was finalist for Australian Salon Business of the year and Best Customer service for an Australian Salon.  Customer service is my top priority and to be a finalist in these categories was a massive highlight.

What’s your favourite music at the moment?

I’m in love with the sound track from the movie “Walter Mitty”.

Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and what is their name?  Do you have a cute image we can use?

I lost my long time buddy Finn a couple of years ago – she was a gorgeous cocker spaniel who was with me for 16 years and a regular at the salon.  It was so tough letting her go.

No pets have replaced her, but I now have a very cute son!

What the question you get asked the most?

“If you could do anything with my hair what would you do?” That’s the best – it means my client is open to suggestions and willing to consider something new – even after 20 years!

Why did you choose Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup?

Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup chose me! I try to do the best I can for her, her clients and her team.

So who is Lily Jackson?

When I was working in London, the salon I was at already had a couple of Julie’s and Jules and I was told I had to choose another name, right then and there on the spot!  I blurted out “Lily!”, so for a few years I was known as Lily!  I returned to Australia with the idea to open a salon with a friend called Jackson – and so Lily Jackson was born.  Jackson thought that Sydney was too small for him and returned to London and Lily Jackson has been a part of my life ever since!
She is amazing!

Anything else?

Not really except that I encourage everyone interested in having beautiful hair and make up to make contact with us – we love making people look and feel beautiful and we pride ourselves in making your time with us helping you to feel amazing.

XXX Jules

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