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The team at Edi Minerals logo 3.00 x 1.60cm Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up values their health. We’ve chanelled that passion into fashion by creating our own make up range, Edi Minerals.

Edi Minerals reflects our personal values as well as performing to the high professional standards our clients have come to expect from Lily Jackson Hair & Make Up. So read on to find out more about our values, Edi Minerals and the make up looks we bring to life with our clients…

Healthy Inside & Out

We are health conscious people who take a pro-active attitude to providing our clients with products that have as little a chemical load as possible. We choose cosmetics and haircare that are kind to our bodies and to animals. We research as much as we can and put our beliefs into practice.

Plant and mineral derived cosmetics is a growing sector in the Cosmetics Industry and are better for our health than conventional cosmetics. Check out our articles on mineral makeup vs conventional make up: Healthier Make Up Choices Part One and Healthier Make Up Choices Part Two.

Your demand for cruelty free cosmetics has a direct impact on the industry and drives the continual improvements in the manufacture and development of synthetic-fiber make up brushes – the cherry on top of vegan-friendly make up artistry!

Some large cosmetic companies are jumping on the mineral bandwagon, but many of the products they are producing are actually a fusion of conventional and mineral ingredients.  Since there is no regulation on how much mineral content a cosmetic product must have in order to promote itself as a mineral cosmetic, these products aren’t as healthy as they’re promoted to be. In fact the required mineral content is as low as 5%!

It is up to the individual to read ingredient labels and research to know which brands are 100% mineral derived.  Cosmetics claiming to be mineral-based may still contain preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, chemical dyes, and fragrance. These companies are cashing in on consumer concern over chemicals in cosmetics, but the health and safety of their products remains questionable.

Our Brand, Edi MineralsEdi Make Up 2

Edi Minerals is a unique make up range offering you peace of mind and beauty. The colours are vibrant and the products make the skin glow. We are drawn towards plant and mineral derived cosmetics, believing that there is no point and no need in harming the earth, its animals and yourself by using anything else.

Edi Minerals is:

  • Non-Comedogenic (does not block or clog your pores)
  • Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Free of ferric ferrocyanide, animal products, artificial dyes, plastics, fillers, FD&C colours, talc, carmine (also known as cochineal), bismuth oxychloride and paraben preservatives.
  • 100% nano-particle free
  • 100% Australian owned, formulated, produced and packed.

Innovative Products

The performance of the Edi Minerals Crème Compact Foundations we have in our new mineral range impressed us right from the start. You may have experienced other creme foundations, but Edi Minerals Creme Compact Foundation is amazingly sheer yet provides excellent coverage at the same time.  Once you start applying the Creme Foundation with either a sponge or a foundation brush you see that the foundation actually combines with the skin’s surface to create even texture, eliminate the appearance of pores and giving the skin a great natural glow. Your skin ends up looking amazing and it feels like you aren’t wearing make up at all.

Jerry Hall Vogue Cover July 1976

Jerry Hall Vogue Cover July 1976

Think Lily Jackson For All Your Make Up Needs

We can cater to all of your make up needs at Lily Jackson; if you have a formal occasion and want a sophisticated smokey eye we can make it happen. Or, if you have a dress up party and need something a bit outrageous, we can do that too!

One of our loyal clients came in on a Saturday night to be preened for a 1970’s theme party – she left with a Farrah Fawcett inspired blowdry by Graeme and make up with Carissa inspired by a Vogue shoot with Jerry Hall from the era. She looked like she had just stepped off the set of Charlie’s Angels!

We’ve had lots of requests for 1920’s inspired make up looks lately as well – with clients given the opportunity to stick with a softer version of the era’s make up or to dare to wear more recent avante-garde interpretations seen on runways for Galliano and other international designers.


Era make up creates a dramatic look and will be interpreted with a modern twist to make it wearable for today. Many of these looks are timeless, particularly the classic look of the 1950’s worn by Marilyn Munroe; think light taupe eye shadow, black liquid liner with a flick at the outside corner of the eye, lashings of mascara and


Farrah Fawcett with her classic voluminous blowdry!

red lips. Or the slightly edgier version of this style popularized by the likes of

Bridgette Bardot. Many women have taken on these iconic styles and added their own twist, have a look at our article Modern Make Up Sirens to find out about a few of them.

The beautiful Bridget Bardot


 Not only can you look iconic of a past era having your make up at Lily Jackson, we can help you look your best with make up basics and a few creative techniques to bring your best features centre stage.

So next time you are going out and want your make up to look professional and creative, come on in to Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup and we will create a tailored make up look for you and make the most of your natural beauty.  Best of all, it will be a healthy makeover featuring our own Edi Minerals!


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