When you’re looking for a specific “look” like disco eighties or mexican inspired hair and makeup, then look no further than our “How-to” articles. With advise from our hairdressers in Sydney you don’t need a party or special event to try out something new and different!


eighties makeupWith spring fast approaching it’s time to sort through your wardrope and pack away your winter woolies and while your at it enjoy a bit of inspiration from the team at Lily Jackson with whats in store for hair and makeup this spring. Read more

pink ombre eyes

 Ombre is a real buzz-word in the hair and bridal industry at the moment and it can also be translated into makeup. The smokey eye effect is the “ombre” of eye shadow styles, working traditionally from white to grey to black from the inside corner of the eye to the outer corner. So in fact, makeup artists could be said to be the founders of ombre colour (besides mother-earth of course!), since they have been creating the perfect shade and blend of colour on the lids of eyes for decades! Now we are seeing it in many creative fields. Keep reading to find out more… Read more

day to night makeupMost of us lead busy lives, juggling work, family and leisure, and when it comes to transforming your make up from day to evening it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to get you looking great!  Here are some tips on how to add drama to your make up for an evening look, not starting from scratch, but from your everyday wear. Read more