What is Makeup Primer?

makeup primer

applying makeup primerPrimer is used to prepare the skin for makeup application. After cleansing, toning and moisturizing the fourth step is to prime.

Primers contain ingredients that aid in making the skin a smooth, even and hydrated surface to which make up will adhere fluidly and evenly. Not only do they help you achieve a seamless makeup application, at the same time they give your make up longevity.

So how does primer work?

Some people think of primer as a ‘spac-filler’ for the face, and in fact it will prevent make up from gathering in your pores, lines and wrinkles or other imperfections, but it does not build up in them, it merely creates a buffering between your skin and your make up to get that perfect finish.

The key ingredients that do this in a primer are dimethicone and cyclomethicone. These ingredients are silicone-based polymers that lubricate and condition the skin.

makeup primer application

How to choose the primer that is right for you

The best way to know which primer will suit you is to be guided by your skin type and by testing it on your skin. There are various primers on the market including:

Corrective toned: (peach, green or purple): best if you have a particular imperfection to cover.

Tinted: will give you a little extra coverage than your foundation alone

Oil-free: great if you have normal to oily skin, or skin that experiences blockages easily (black or white heads).



makeup primer powdermakeup primer creamAs you can see, primers not only help to create the ideal surface for make up application, they can help to balance your skin concerns. Upon immediate contact with the skin a gel based toner will cool, calm and hydrate the skin.


Primers can mattifying an oily skin and help reduce the production of oil. They offer sun protection with varying levels of SPF, as well as hydrating dry skin and giving skin a luminous pearlized finish. Many contain antioxidants (vitamins a,c,e, grapeseed or green tea) which will improve the overall health and appearance of the skin  as antioxidants have anti-aging properties. Primers are now available as gel-based liquids as well as loose powders.


effect of makeup primerBest friends = Primer and mineral cosmetics

Primer is essential when using mineral cosmetics. Because pure mineral cosmetics sometimes don’t have a moisturizing base (particularly the powders), adding the primer keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. Cream mineral make up does contain plant based emollients, so it will be more moisturizing than a powder, however using the primer will ensure a finish that will look great and last the whole day.




So if it is not a part of your current make up routine, try primer and feel the difference. Your skin will definitely feel smoother, more hydrated and your make up will look fresh for longer!