Michael Rosenberg senior stylist at Lily Jackson Hairdressing Potts Point



Michael Rosenberg is the newest stylist to join the esteemed team at Lily Jackson Hairdressing, bringing with him a unique blend of creativity, passion, and a deep commitment to his craft. From a young age, Michael knew that hairdressing was his calling. He recalls finding a certificate in his preschool box at the age of four, where he had written “hairdressing” as his career choice. This early passion has only grown stronger over the years.

Michael began his professional journey in hairdressing at the age of 19 and has been dedicated to the industry for the past 8.5 years. For Michael, hairdressing is more than just a job; it is a craft that allows him to express his creativity and connect with people on a personal level. He finds immense joy in the transformative power of helping clients feel confident and beautiful. The dynamic nature of the industry keeps him engaged and constantly learning new techniques and styles, making it a profession that brings him fulfillment and allows him to make a positive impact in people’s lives every day.Outside of hairdressing, Michael has a surprising passion for gaming.

He enjoys spending time with his squad at LAN cafes, where they can game for hours on end. This hobby keeps his mind sharp and his reaction times quick.

Michael also has a three-year-old miniature Dachshund named Noah, about whom he will talk endlessly if you give him the chance. 🥰

miniature daschund called Noah.

Michael’s career has been filled with memorable moments, including some humorous ones. He once accidentally put someone’s hair extensions into the washing machine and, on another occasion, soaked a client so thoroughly during a shampoo that the water went all the way down into her underwear, necessitating a quick change into a robe while her dress dried.  He categorically states that this doesn’t happen any more 😉

When it comes to music, Michael enjoys classic pop and techno, which often sets the tone for his creative process. Clients frequently ask him if he cuts his own hair and why he is so funny, questions that highlight his approachable and humorous personality.

Michael feels a deep connection with Lily Jackson Hairdressing, stating that it feels like it was meant to be. He believes that his goals and ambitions are understood and supported by the team, and he is excited to receive the resources and knowledge he strives for in his career.

With his dedication, creativity, and passion for hairdressing, Michael Rosenberg is a valuable addition to the Lily Jackson Hairdressing team, ready to help clients achieve their best look and feel their most confident.

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