Safe hairdressing

Feels a bit crazy right?
And it’s easy to get caught up with worry.

I wanted to reach out to you to firstly to say I hope you and your close ones are hanging in there during all of this uncertainty.
While we’ve been keeping on top of the COVID-19 developments and staying on top of official health and workplace advice, I have also consciously focussed on making time to do things that are positive and making my family and friends feel connected and worry free.

I encourage you to do the same and suggest that one thing would be to come one of our salons and get your hair done.
Unless you are unwell, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO CANCEL APPOINTMENTS or put off getting your hair done.

Because cleanliness and good hygiene have always been at the core of our daily standards, we are now we are taking extra precautions and we have to keep Australia going!

It’s up to us all to keep Australia going

The economic impacts of a decline in trade especially for small business, will cascade and ripple through the economy and affect us all.  So it’s important that we all continue on as business as usual as much as we possibly can and I want to assure you that you can feel safe and secure in your visit to us.

Why it is safe to get your hair done.

We’ve ALWAYS been sticklers for good hygiene and high standards of cleanliness.  As a precaution, we’ve introduced a number of additional measures to further reduce risk and support a safe environment.

  1. Keeping up to date with developments: Management is well informed and constantly keeping up to date on COVID 19 developments and advice from government.
  2. ALL staff have all been cleared of ALL symptoms for the last two weeks or more. Any one with symptoms will not be permitted to attend the workplace.
  3. Doors to be kept open: any doors that can be kept open will be open and cleaned regularly.
  4. Increased Client and Guest Hygiene: all clients and guests are required to wash their hands before and after the appointment.
  5. Suggested social distance is our standard distance: stylist stations are set at a distance of 1.5m away from each other so social distancing limits will be in place for you while in our salon.
  6. Additional sanitisation steps: We have always cleaned each station and stylist tools after every client visit. But now we will run through additional sanitisation steps recorded on a checklist and share that with you.
  7. Air Purifiers: we will run our air purifying filters continuously at all locations.
  8. All client contact areas are sanitised more often: we have increased the frequency of sanitisation of all client contact areas.
  9. We have hand sanitisers available for guests and staff.
  10. We request that if you feel unwell in any way, to stay at home.

What you can do.
For us, it’s business as usual and the livelihood of our employees and economy depend on us all keep on keeping on.

Many small and medium businesses worldwide are going to be navigating a very difficult terrain and some won’t survive. Large organisations will probably be OK, but smaller businesses and your local communities will depend on your continued support during this time.
Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration and help.

You can always book online – we always reach out to you to confirm.
If you have any questions/concerns feel free to call us or send us a message via our contact form – we’ll respond within a couple hours at most.

Take care,
We wish you and your family continued health during this time, and
Do something nice for yourself,

Jules Peacocke
Director, Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

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