Hair straightening solutions have certainly come of age!

At Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup Sydney we offer two types of straightening treatments:

Permanent Hair Straightening (Thermal)

This method of straightening changes the internal structure of the hair so that it gives a permanent straight result.

  • Once these processes have been done the hair is permanently altered.
  • The permanent straightening system we use is gentle on the hair but effective enough to give hair a straight sleek look.
  • Thermal straightening is suitable for people with thicker and or curly hair.

Follow up your straightening with the appropriate aftercare and you will have beautiful healthy straight hair.

Typically only the roots or regrowth need touching up after about 12 -16 weeks.

Keratin Hair Straightening

Keratin Smoothing Treatments are a non permanent hair treatment:

  • The hair is coated with a Keratin solution (keratin is the protein found in hair) which is then bonded to the hair cuticle using heat from hair dryer and from straightening irons.
  • Keratin treatments help smooth wavy and frizzy hair hence giving an end result of straightening the hair.
  • Keratin Treatments can also help recondition the hair and restore shine.
  • The hair structure is not altered.
  • Typically treatments last between 6-10 weeks with the results tending to improve with each successive treatment.

Read more about our Sydney hair straightening services using keratin treatments.

To provide you with information on pricing, please call us to book in for a complimentary consultation on 9360 8708 at our salon in Darlinghurst, Sydney, so that we may correctly assess your hair.