We have had nothing but trouble with this printer.

Our attempts to get the problems with this colour laser printer resolved have been time consuming and futile.

The company in Sydney who are the designated service agent, Aztec, are rude, unhelpful and not able to troubleshoot the problems we had with this printer.

We have had to service the printer at least three times with loads of parts needing to be replaced.

We could not get it working properly with our wifi and in the end had to come up with a poor workaround solution.

Even with all these services and work-arounds, the printer still did not work and our attempts to get the issue resolved with Brother Australia have been extremely time consuming and unhelpful.

Small business owners do not have IT departments or resources to sort out problems.  Products like this colour laser printer need to work from the get-go and provide a return on investment.  The Brother MFC-9330CDW does not provide value for money and is a faulty and defective machine in our opinion.

Brother Australia should be paying us our hourly rate for all the time we have spent trying to get this printer fixed and working.  We have placed a request with Brother Australia to replace this colour laser printer with another model but all they are interested in doing is trying to fix a defective machine.

We have purchased other Brother printers and we have a Brother inkjet printer which has been a real work horse for us…. why Brother Australia would not to resolve this problem for us quickly and to our satisfaction is a real mystery.

Hence our need to author this article and hopefully save other people the headache and cost of purchasing the Brother MFC-9330CDW colour laser printer.