Moustache Fun Facts!

Moustache Fun Facts

If you have had the pleasure of having our Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell look after your hair whilst in the salon, you’ll know he is a bundle of laughs and will come up with plenty of quirky conversation. Here he fills us in on some moustache fun  facts in recognition of Movember this month…

  • The oldest recorded moustache can be found on a felt carpet that dates back to 300bc. Check out the moustached horseman below from the Pyzyryk Siberian Iron Age!
  • Pogonotomy is a fancy way to say the act or process of cutting a beard…Umm that’s like an uber-complicated way of saying gotta have a shave!
  • An Indian man by the name of RAM SINGH CHAUHAN, holds the record for the longest mustache in the world! It’s 14 feet long OMG! His friend, who had a 7 foot long moustache, encouraged him to get in on growing a mo’!
  • King of Hearts is the only No-Mo-Bro…in a deck of card.
  • In the Victorian Era noble men would use a moustache spoon to protect their moustaches from soup!
  • Frieda Kahlo is the most famous woman in the art world to rock a moustache. She also brought the uni brow into high fashion! Her paintings and self-portraits are beyond words out of this world beautiful!
  • THE BEATLES gave away cut out cardboard moustaches with the purchase of their new album The Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967.

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