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Hairdressers Coogee Beach

There’s a reason Lily Jackson Hairdressing has earned a reputation for being the hairdressers Coogee Beach residents prefer. And the answer is ‘You’.  At Lily Jackson Hairdressing, we know what you are looking for the very best, most experienced and skilled and friendly hairdressers:


Since 1998, we’ve expressed our passion in the form of your beauty and satisfaction, because when you’re looking for hairdressers near Coogee Beach, you only want the best.


We’re not only customising the style you’re looking for to create a unique hairstyle for you, and our staff highly skilled, educated and committed to constant improvement.


Lily Jackson Hairdressing is at the forefront of the hairdressing industry and the cutting edge of all the latest trends, styles, looks and techniques.


The vibe in our hair salons is positive and relaxed. Loads of room to chillout, catch up on the latest gossip magazines and enjoy one of our loose leaf teas or barista quality coffees.  Imported beer and great wine is also on the menu.

Directions for hairdressing near Coogee Beach

The best Sydney hairdressers are just minutes away in the car or public transport. Break out of Coogee Beach and come to see us, you’ll be glad that you did!

Suburb Quick Facts

Coogee Beach is Bondi Beach’s little sister of sorts. Visit Coogee beach for more tranquil times surrounded by quieter waters, great food, bars and green heavenly spaces. Take a dip in one of the historic saltwater baths which include the controversial ‘women-only’ seawater pool that dates back to 1886. Take a stroll to the nearby Gordons Bay cove for a snorkel and rendezvous with local sea life. The Coogee Bay promenade area of this family friendly beach is scattered with historic buildings and parklands.

Source: https://bighostel.com/coogee-beach/

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Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup is your local hairdresser near Coogee Beach. We can help you:

lilyandjackson_1737Stand out.
We know that cookie-cutter styles are not what you are looking for. You want to look like you, expressing your individuality and flaunting your own style yet still mastering those on-point trends of the moment.

Have confidence.
A great hairstyle and makeup can give you confidence you might have only dreamed about. But the only way to achieve it is with the help of the best local and international stylists, master cutters and hairdressing experts can offer.

Pop with colour.
The right hair colour for you is not just a matter of making a random pick. At Lily Jackson, we don’t just help you discover what will work for you; we painstakingly test, trial and cherry-pick only the best products for the best hair colour and stunning results.

Lily Jackson boasts not just the best hairdressers in Sydney but also the very best makeup artists that will leave your skin positively glowing. We even have our own, healthier mineral makeup that will make you look beautiful for every occasion.

Revel in the details.
As part of our premium Coogee Beach hairdressing services, we offer a range of cuts and restyles, colouring, extensions, straightening, eyelashes, as well as wedding and photo shoot hair and makeup.

If you’re ready to break out of the mould and let our stylists redefine your look, give our hairdressing team a call on (02) 9360 8708, or contact us via the contact form.