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Fashion Grey

fashion greyIn this article on Grey Hair, we look at grey hair as an on-trend fashion colour; a part of the pastel hair colour craze thats showing no signs of abating. We can see grey hair on the runways, in fashion blogs, on celebrities and hip young gals everywhere. Why is this colour popular? What are the varieties? Is Pastel Grey flattering?

Why is grey hair popular?

As mentioned in our introduction, grey hair is a part of the pastel hair trend. Along with pink, peach, aqua and many other colours of the rainbow, grey hair is a part of the pastel hair trend and has become a fashion statement. Grey hair is fitting for many ‘alternative’ celebrities who don’t shy away from flaunting their individuality – think Kelly Osbourne, Pixie Geldof, Pink, Kate Moss & Daphne Guiness.

US Colourist Sharon Dorram says that “among her downtown New York patrons, it is mostly younger women, renegade types, who request grey” – Grey Hair as Social Statement

Grey Spectrum

Grey hair is firstly achieved by pre-lightening the hair with bleach either through a scalp bleach application or a bleach bath, depending on pre-existing colour pigment in the hair and on how light the hair is naturally. A toner or tint is then applied to the hair to create the desired result. Typically highlights would also be used to create interest and avoid the hair looking flat.

Grey hair colour is versatile in that because it is not as vibrant or as strong or staining a colour pigment as other pastel hair colours, such as red or orange (these pigments are harder to lift out of the hair),  you can have a toner or semi permanent colour to change the accent of the colour. This can be seen in grey hair that has a gun-metal, silver, blue, violet, rose or a beige hue to it.

Runway and Fashion Grey

Grey hair colour has featured in the fashion industry as far back as the Calvin Klein Fall 2010 Collection for New York Fashion Week. Francisco Costa, the Creative Director of Calvin Klein choose to have mature models on the runway to represent a more true-to-life character on the runway; realistic women with grey hair and natural curves, such as Stella Tennant, Kirsty Hume and Kristen McMenamy.

It’s a smart move by the fashion industry to make itself more relatable to consumers. Designer Francisco Costa, Creative Director of Calvin Klein.

The trend has come along way since 2010, with many a young model and celebrities taking the plunge into grey hair colour. Grey hair featured in the Chanel Cruise Collection of 2012 as well as the Maria Barros Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection for Madrid Fashion Week just to name two!


Celebrity Grey

Lets take a look at the class of renegade ‘it’ girls who have worn grey hair with style.


Kate Moss combines grey roots and foils with blonde lengths


Pink sports a crystal clear pale mauve grey


Pixie Geldolf with a cool beige grey pixie crop

50 Shades of Grey

There is such a wide variety of tones that can be achieved with grey hair. Grey hair will not suit everyone so ensure you have a good consultation with your colourist. The main pre-requisite for grey is not only the right base-pigment in your hair but attitude as well! Grey hair looks best on confident people! If you want to stand out in the crowd and dare to be different, then trying a pastel tone is great option that you can have alot of fun with. Lets review some of the colour options for grey hair…

Grey with a pink overtone

Grey with accents of pink


Gunmetal grey


Soft wash of teal ombre








Incorporating grey in with blonde as Kate Moss has shown us, is a great way to be on-trend, get noticed and try something different without going the whole hog with a single grey tone.

If you are considering pastel hair, a change of style, or want some professional advice on which direction to take your colour, Contact Us, we would love to be a part of your style journey.

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