Elumen from Goldwell – Oxidant and Ammonia Free Hair Colour

Elumen Colour by Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell

Elumen Colour by Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

We are excited about the amazing results we are getting from Elumen hair colour from Goldwell. Elumen is the world’s first high performance oxidant free and ammonia free hair colour that delivers brilliant colour results with incredible durability and shine. 




Elumen boasts 76% more colour intensity compared to oxidative colours, and up to 37% more shine compared to intensive demi permanents.

Elumen dyes are held inside the hair cuticle by a kind of magnetic attraction!

Oxidative hair colours contain an alkaline and activating agent (usually hydrogen peroxide). Mixing these ingredients together activates the hair dye ready for application, with the mixture releasing oxygen. This chemical change triggers the actual colour-changing reaction needed to change the colour of hair. Large, coloured molecules are formed within the hair’s cortex which are resistant to being washed out of the hair. The oxygen released will lighten the natural melanin pigment in the hair so that the new colour can be seen replacing the hair’s natural colour.

Elumen doesn’t work this way – instead it offers a unique penetration system by keeping direct dye pigments separate allowing them to penetrate the closed hair cuticle and ‘glide’ inside the hair shaft. These penetrated pigments are protected deep inside the hair shaft from external aggressors so Elumen colour lasts like a permanent colour without the possible adverse drying and irritating effect of oxidation, peroxide or ammonia!

Elumen for the Daring and Grey Blending

Elumen Dip Dye COlour by Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell

Elumen Dip Dye Colour by Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

Elumen is not only for the daring who want vibrant primary or secondary colours, it can also be used to blend grey hair tone and unwanted tones (like turning warm blondes to cool blondes or warm browns to cool browns). The possibilities are endless!

ELUMEN is a versatile colour range and our Sydney hair colourists can provide you with oxidant and ammonia free colour services including:

  • Tone-on-tone colour; this is when the Colour Technician uses colour balancing knowledge (using the colour wheel) to counteract particular hues in hair colour to create the colour desired.
  • Full colours; 1 all over colour which can be intense, natural or pastel.
  • Colour grey reduction; blending grey hair with natural base colours or accentuating grey tones.

Caring for your Elumen Hair Colour at Home

And true to all hair care companies that care about the performance of their hair colour at home, Goldwell has also released an Elumen at home haircare involves an easy to use 3 step system:

  1. ELUMEN WASH – A conditioning shampoo that gently cleanses
  2. ELUMEN TREAT – An intense conditioner that supports and maintains the results of Elumen colour
  3. ELUMEN CARE SPRAY – A light spray that maintains shine (a great product for for fine hair that will not weight the hair down)
Elumen Toning Pastel Colour by Advanced Stylist Carl Campbell

Elumen Toning Pastel Colour by Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

Professional at home hair care is the best way to protect the time and effort that has gone into creating your special style, so that you will look amazing all the time, right up until your next hair appointment. Whats more, Goldwell home haircare is so affordable staring from $24.95 each product!

“I love this product because anything is possible! Let your imagination run wild and try it!” – Trish Hurley, Advanced Stylist at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup

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