Whether your hair is coloured with highlights, foils, tints, semi permanent colour or balayage, it should be stunning; even if it’s just enhancing your natural shade.

Colouring hair is an art that requires a number of years to achieve mastery. Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup are master colourists.

As Sydney’s best hair colourists, no matter what shade, what technique or what style, our stylists will create a beautiful colour for you that enhances your fabulous haircut.

Colour is not just about shade, it’s about tone, it’s about having the lowest chemical intervention to your hair to achieve maximum impact, it’s about colour placement and variation… it’s a whole other world.

We’re passionate about providing exceptional colour results and encourage you to read the following articles in our blog that demonstrate our passion for this art.

We carry three complete colour ranges which can create over 5oo shades.





Less Chemicals is More!

We all deserve to have less chemicals in our life!  Health is our birth right!  So we’ve searched, researched, trialled and decided that our ammonia and PPD free ranges are an essential addition to any forward thinking salon.  If you have a specific desire to reduce the chemical load of hair colouring, then call us to arrange for a consultation on what approach would be best for you.

Read more about Organic Hair Colour.

Find out more on the effects of Do-It-Yourself colour from a box in our blog.





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